Sting Named Greatest Wrestler to Never Work for WWE

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  1. features an interesting article on the Top 10 greatest wrestlers to have never worked for the company. Topping the list is none other than TNA Hall of Fame legend "The Icon" Sting.

    Furthermore, the article surmises what might have happened if Sting decided to join WWE:

    "There is no doubt that if Sting had ever decided to ply his trade for Mr. McMahon, the results would have been phenomenal. Because of his immense success throughout the industry, The Stinger would have been a great fit for the pageantry and spectacle of WWE.

    "Of course, the one Superstar that the WWE Universe would clamor to see Sting face would be The Undertaker. Perhaps if there was one person who could have upended The Deadman’s WrestleMania Streak, it would be Sting himself."

  2. I like the idea of having Sting defeating Taker. In his current TNA role maybe they'll focus Sting in defeating the Aces and Eights but who knows, maybe he confirm his retirement
  3. Of course he's the greatest ever to never wrestle in WWE but defeating Undertaker? Depending on which year Sting joined the WWF and what year this match took place, there wouldn't have even been a 'streak' yet for him to end.
  4. Greatest? Most high profile sure but many have been better and I love the guy.
  5. How dare WWE give New Jack exposure with this shit article. Fuck that clown. The only 'greatest' list he belongs on is greatest cocksucking assholes masquerading as pro wrestlers.
  6. New Jack even had a try out in late 2004 (WWE considered having him be the one who was hired by Carlito to stab Cena in the nightclub) and he didn't get the job because he was so terrible.
  7. Lolwut, like who?
  8. Akria Hokuto is awesome.
  9. He is indeed the greatest, Hulk Hogan even said so. :facepalm1:
  10. Tons of puro guys, Harley Race never worked for them either, Sting's the most high profile but tell me with a straight face he's better than Misawa.
  11. Well bar Great Muta, they barely put any REAL puro guys, so I didn't even count Japan guys. Harley Race though - good observation!
  12. And with a straight face wearing sunglasses at night indoors: Sting > Harley.

  13. Shit Race was in, I'm a fucking spastic.
  14. I'd still rank Misawa and Kobashi above Sting and I actually like Sting.
    And for guys who never peaked I'd got with Magnum TA. Had tons of potential but that motorcycle accident ended it all too soon.
  15. I don't count THE puro guys like Misawa and Kobashi in here, since WWE pretty much didn't count them too (bar Muta). But yeah, Kobashi & Misawa > Sting.
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