Summerslam Sting Not Appearing At WWE SummerSlam After All?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Fine by me, honestly.
  2. Good. I really don't care about Sting in 2015.
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  3. I'm hoping this is a troll report because teaming Sting with Stephen Amell to face The Miz and Stardust? Jesus, that's terrible. I don't care how old or "past it" many might consider Sting to be, that's just not how you book a legend like him in only his second match in WWE.

    I am surprised he isn't gonna be at Summerslam, though. With them making the event four hours this year and making it out like it's gonna be the greatest Summerslam in history, you'd think they'd go all out and get Sting to wrestle or something, but I guess not.
  4. Sting's still got some gas left in the tank - but I see no reason to use that now. Is it weird that I'm hoping Vince changes his mind and green lights Sting vs. Taker next year in Texas?
  5. Why would it be weird? I don't give a shit much about the match happening anymore, but to each his own as I say.
  6. I'm always down to see Sting in the ring, just not in a wrestling capacity per say. He still ought to have a segment of some sort for the event, especially with them hyping up this SummerSlam as much as they have.
  7. I can't imagine people really want a Sting vs. Taker match in 2016. Maybe that will change if Taker can pull off a decent match with Lesnar.
  8. And avoid getting concussed 5 mins into the match.
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  9. Didn't happen against Wyatt so I take it that the concussion thing was a fluke.
  10. There's a difference between wrestling someone like Bray and a legit monster like Lesnar, bruh.
  11. It's still real to me damn it!
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  12. I dunno, seems a whole bunch of people want it to me. Hardly anyone on this forum seems to, but if you frequent other forums sometime, there's a shitload of people still clamoring to see it.

    I don't know if Taker's performance against Lesnar should mean anything. It might literally be just the opposite. One of the upsides to Taker and Sting working together is that they're both in their fifties, so they won't have to keep up with one another in the same way that they would with a younger opponent, and they can build around the match and make it more of a spectacle than anything.
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  13. Yeah I think old man pace would work well with Sting vs. Taker.
  14. Sting vs. The Undertaker would be something I'd watch mostly because they are two legends of the ring. Do I think they have a whole lot left in the tank, not really but they still have a little left.
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  15. This is good news.. For a while i actually thought he would be at SummerSlam. People don't want to see him anymore in a wrestling capacity, an appearance here and there is fine but they shouldn't waste everyone's time with a match.
  16. Sting, Ambrose and Reigns vs Wyatt Family doesn't sound too bad to me now, and as a fan of Stardust, Miz, Neville and Stephen Amell, I could go with Sting and Amell (playing The Green Arrow) vs Miz and Stardust - although where that leaves Neville is beyond me.

    Sting's still very good in the ring and is entertaining as fuck to me. Go do it, WWE. pls.
  17. It's not a loss, and in all honestly, I'm kind of glad that he isn't appearing there.
  18. True, but anyone can get a concussion. It was a bad belly to belly throw that did it. Had nothing to do with the fact that taker was wrestling the "beast"
  19. I thought sting would appear but if anything, he should be having a rematch with triple h. It would make more sense.
  20. Just a small correction, but it was actually the single-leg takedown on the outside of the ring that gave the Undertaker a concussion, not the belly-to-belly suplex.
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