News Sting retires

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 17, 2016.

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    It's most likely true, but now all we have to wait for is the official announcement from the man himself and WWE.

    Respect and so long, Sting!
  2. Well... I see Tyson and Nikki doing the same soon as well. He is older now, no point in making his body worse.
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  3. Kidd, yes. Nikki, probably not.
  4. Called it. Knew he wasn't gonna ever get back in the ring after NoC. He's 55 or 56 and collapsed during a match. I thought he was gonna die. It's too bad he waited so damn long to get in the WWE.
  5. Thanks Sting, for the best, he's pretty old
  6. no he isn't retired

  7. aw man sorry but I kinda wanted him to
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  8. Glad to hear his neck is okay.
  9. Yes, this! That's how I feel about this, "retirement." I wanted to see at least an Undertaker vs Sting match, it's a dream match of mine. Damnit, Sting, why did you wait too long!?
  10. So many lost oppurtunities. But then again who knows how WWE would of handled him back during the Invasion and NWO days...
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  11. Yeah, seriously. He'd be handled fairly well during the NWO days, there's a reason why they [WWE] wanted to bring back the NWO brand - they wanted to bring Sting into the fold. But the Hall injury foiled that. If Sting would be like "I want to be the next icon." and I bet WWE would have signed him right then and there, and not have him waste his time at TNA trying to push the "icon" image. However, an interview revealed that this was not the case, and Sting walked.
  12. Yeah it would of been interesting. If Sting went to WWE back then hopefully they would of put him on Smackdown tho cuz Triple H would of buried him so hard
  13. It's official, Sting announced his retirement last night at the HoF Ceremony.


  14. Yes Sting Officially Retired! Watch This For More!!!!!! You Can subscribe Also Because This Guy Always Upload Some Good Stuff!
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  15. I was watching WWE Network this morning, and I was banging on my bed in frustration. Sting Vs Undertaker is not happening. FUCK!
  16. If there was a button with a frown on it, I'd click it, but I'll go with "What?" for this instance. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Undertaker vs Sting not happening. Bummer.

    I understand it, because he's having a neck injury, but still frustrating.
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    And it's all a work
  18. What? How so? That sunglasses/bat pose?

    BTW, RE: Your sig. Bobby Rhode at NXT TakeOver. I marked the FUCK out! Always been a fan of his work ethic. Looking forward to seeing what he does next, hopefully he's coming to NXT or WWE.

    I marked the fuck out. I marked the fuck out. I MARKED THE FUCK OUT!
  19. Most pointless WWE run of all time?
  20. Nash during the Summer of Punk has him beat, remember the sledgehammer match at TLC between H and Nash? At least with Sting it was cool to see him show up in a WWE ring.
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