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  1. Veteran professional wrestling journalist Bill Apter chronicled Sting's career in a piece for on February 19, 2014, wherein he stated that Sting's "best days may still be yet to come".

    Maybe it's just me, but Sting is 55 years old. I have seen numerous articles over the last year about his anticipated retrun. The guy is a legend, I will give you that. But what is all the fascination about? Why are people "on the edge of their seats" waiting for his return. It is almost as annoying as all the C.M. Punk articles, "Punk seen jogging" , "Punk posts to Twitter" , "C.M. Punk has Cheerios for breakfast". I like Sting, and I like Punk, so dont get me wrong. I am not bashing either one of them. I am just looking for clarification as to why everyone is so crazy about every move they make? I would welcome C.M. Punk back to the ring in a heartbeat. But, in the same sense, I can't justify "excitement" for seeing Sting return to put over some jobber. Sting coming back in a role to challenge The Authority would create some energy in the WWE. I just signed up for an account, so I am sorry if this has been addressed already.
  2. I'm not excited for Sting either.
  3. When WWE first began airing vignettes for Undertaker's return for 2-21-11, I believe they originally filmed to feature Sting.
    Contract negotiations fell through, and WWE (re)inserted Taker into the vignette series.
    My point is, though it was three ago (long enough), WWE had a strategy to weave Sting into WWE fabric.
    It's possible we are not giving WWE enough credit. The company has gotten quite smarter in constructing storylines these days.
    They've tested the waters and realize he didn't draw so many viewers to the WWE Network, so they adjust.

    We know two things: WWE sees (or saw) Sting as a dark character in 2011 and he didn't draw on the Network.
    They've done their homework and, like Hogan, they will tailor what suits everyone involved at a moment's notice.
  4. I'm not excited either. I guess just the thought of finally getting to see him on WWE programming for the first time is causing some to mark their tits off, but I was just never a huge fan outside of the NWO angle and he's too old at this point to do anything meaningful as a performer. Even a conflict between him and The Authority doesn't intrigue me much, although it'd at least be something different as far as Hunter and Stephanie are concerned.
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