Sting rumored to have signed with WWE

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Feb 2, 2014.

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    A RF Video interviewer stated that WWE got Sting to sign a not so rich Legends deal, meaning he will do appearance when they want him to get payed while not active and be eligible for merch.

    But he would wrestle a limited number of dates, but he is rumored to be an active TV character until he get's inducted in 2015 possibly, The Taker match possibly not happening and Sting will most likley appear April 7th on RAW.

    A lot of this is rumor but he has signed a legend deal from a lot of source the RF video interviewer has listed just search it up i'ts every where
  2. Do you have any source? "An RF Interviewer" doesn't really cut it.
  3. Wasn't that like 4 or 5 days ago that the rumors were flying about him signing a Legends contract? I thought someone had posted a thread about it to be honest.
    Same day that people found out it's most likely going to be Brock v Taker at WM I thought.
    Oh well, atleast he's on a legend contract, tbh there are too many possible faces/heels on the main roster at this moment to even think about including more imo.
  4. Yeah, the same source says WWE is REALLY fond of Brock v Taker, and Sting have a different role
  5. This is really a bad idea...
  6. OP: "A lot of this is rumor" , an "RF interviewer"

    Puts "news" in the thread title.

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  7. Rumors are not the same thing as the truth. Until we have irrefutable evidence that he has signed a deal, please don't make a misleading thread.
  8. :burns: goat smiley but yeah I was expecting actual confirmation.
  9. The Debut is rumor
  10. Smart thing holding off his debut until after Wrestlemania. Creates more interest for the post-Mania period. Hopefully the Undertaker match happens at Wrestlemania 31 because if he does go into the Hall of Fame in 2015, losing to Taker is a great way to go out.
  11. The debut is rumored not the fact that he signed, it's been confirmed by many sites including a lot of trustworthy singular sources

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  12. It's not a definite confirmation, there needs to be some irrefutable evidence.
  13. I see bro, I'll try getting some more as soon as possible

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