Sting: Showtime or not?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. It seems Dixie Carter still see's Sting as the same Man, in the NWA in the late 80's making Men and Women scream till they lost their voices.This isn't 1988, it's 2012 going on 2013, and Showtime left the building years ago.Now what I love about Sting is, he's always willing to give his body up at any cost to entertain the fans, but why is Sting being put into a major storyline in TNA? Sometimes Sting can be just as valuable from afar, why he being put into a position to wrestle a crazy schedule, knowing once he makes his goals come true, he won't have anything to do in TNA after that? Now for the last couple of years rumors said Sting had a deal on the table go to the WWE, and what hasn't Sting done in TNA? Is it time for Sting to hang it up, I say no, but he shouldn't be put into a main event spot no matter how big his name is, considering TNA could of put someone to take out the Aces and Eights, a new white shining armor? What does the WC members think?
  2. If you're asking what should Sting do now, I think he should retire @ this year's BFG, presumably in match vs. Magnus.

    Sting showed in a match vs. Austin Aries on 3/14 he can still go, that was awesome. Should he be in main event stuff? No. But currently with An8s and Bully? He should shrt-term, because it wouldn't make sense for him to not be in it, since Bully betrayed him, and the group's 1st ever attack was on - Sting.
  3. Think he should retire in a match at BFG or Slammyversary, maybe against Hulk Hogan because of the Ray and A&E's stuff.

    He's being put in a major storyline because he make some people come and expect a lot from him, and that's business.
    Sting with the A&E's storyline has to be like that, Ray's in and they also attacked him, is like The Shield in WWE, but better group.
    Sting can keep fighting and he proves it everytime he gets into the ring.
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  4. I wouldn't mind Sting in a commentary role tbh.
  5. I just don't want him going over young rising stars/main eventers. Other than that, the way he's being booked these days I'm alright with.
  6. You're missing "don't" in there. :emoji_wink:
  7. Thanks. That's what I meant yeah :dawg:
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  8. He should be in Hogans role as the GM but maybe wrestle once or twice a year....make it mean something!
  9. About Hogan... Sure it'd be great, Hogan can come back to WWE as GM of Raw and make good matches and not only tags and singles matches...
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