Sting - Stop the Showtime, Please

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  1. Sting.... I like Sting. He's done wonders in TNA and for TNA. He's not an asshole, he put many guys over and embraced a lot of up-and-comers and I thank him for that. He's million times better man to have in TNA than shit called BVD. Sting is well-deserving Hall of Famer and the biggest reason TNA got a deal with Spike in the first place.

    But after seeing his match against Magnus @ BFG, that guy should retire from in-ring competition, really. The match went maybe 8, 9 mins and after tapping out cleanly to Magnus, he looked so fucking exhausted it isn't even funny. Not to say the match itself wasn't anything special.

    Not to mention the fucking stupid t-shirt he always wears when wrestling. It's pathetic and even disrespectful to his opponents, imho. He's still in decent shape, why does he have to wear that stupid thing??

    Sting, I like you, and thanks for everything you've done in WCW and TNA, but please retire from in-ring competition. Please. This is not hater talking, this is reality and this is how life is. Age gets you.
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  2. I kinda have to agree with this. He's past his age, but I wouldn't want to see him gone from Impact Wrestling completely. I would like it if they kept him around backstage, since he can always help out with new talent and motivate the locker room. He should retire by now, but not gone from the company completely.
  3. Should have stuck as a GM, he can give people a rub without embarrassing himself.
  4. I agree with you. Why does he wear a t-shirt during matches? He's in better shape than most old and some young competitors. Lose the shirt, Sting. I think he should wrestle part-time, but full time? No.
  5. The shirt irks me. It annoys me greatly. He looks like so much of a has-been with that shirt it isn't even funny, it just screams indy main eventer who was once great and is old, broken down and wrestling in front of 10 people (not knocking TNA, just old wrestlers who use shirts). And yeah, the match felt weird (although the crowd made it seem much worse), he was really tired and all. Should retire soon indeed.
  6. This match was god-awful. Truly terrible. Think I said in the thread that it felt like the start of a much-longer match, as they paced themselves at first before the action picked up at the end, but... then it just ended. Shouldn't be surprised since Sting has nothing left in the tank.

    To me, the problem isn't with him as much as whoever put this match together. They had a cool story with Magnus being held down that I was totally interested in. They KNOW just having a straight wrestling match wouldn't have turned out well, so why did they even do it? The match needed a lot more to get you really feeling like you wanted to see Magnus get that big win (with a well planned out finish) instead of just watching a shitty match. Stinger's been doing that kind of stuff for many years.

    And no, this whole thing about "making Magnus a star" didn't happen. A prime Flair put Sting on the map. This was just that they had a match, it sucked, and Magnus won. Didn't feel like a big deal at all. (TNA has to improve in that department). And the build of "I'm gonna put you on the map" actually hurt Magnus' case since it felt in the build that Sting wasn't gonna try. Not that it really matters, since "not trying" Sting and "full effort" Sting both suck ass.

    Someone *scrolls up* named Seabs brought up a very valid point. Surely Sting's expensive, but I'm sure he's pays for himself backstage with training and helping the young stars and stuff like that. Seems like he'd be good at that stuff. Plus he's one hell of a talker. He's the perfect General Manager, since he can still take bumps and beatdowns and wrestle when the plot demands it, but doesn't have to expose himself by just being a wrestler all the time.

    Just keep the Joker facepaint away.
  7. Sting was the best GM TNA ever had, so I'm all for it, but please stay away from the ring, Stinger. It's just depressing to see the guy exhausted after a 9 min match, a match that was solid at best.
  8. I'd love to see Sting as the new GM. He's 54 and is still wrestling. He may be the oldest man to ever wrestle for a big company regularly. He defeated Hulk on his last match and has accomplished a lot of things. You hear Sting's theme and the crowd goes wild. I prefer him to retire from in-ring competition, but I want him to stay in TNA and if that means he needs to wrestle at least once a year just like Taker I would even enjoy it if I'm honest.
  9. Now that Hogan is out (hopefully), maybe Sting will become GM after the Dixie storyline is over.