Sting vs Bobby Roode

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 31, 2012.

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    Sting winning?

    I want to stop watching TNA. That's how fucking stupid that was

    post your own rage/disbelief in this thread
  2. Fucking sucks. Then got worse when Hulk came out and announced it for Slammiversary. Number 232 match between them. Fuck sake, Roode looks like complete shit.
  3. Slammy 10 baby, TNA's biggest PPV ever! Sting vs Roode! Can't wait

    I'm not watching that match
  4. That was one of the most stupid endings of a match I've seen. And Cena v Ace is still in fresh memory. :upset:
  5. :cry:
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  6. Sting had to win, Stinger HAS TO main event Slammiversary (aka major TNA PPV) one last time, because he's TNA's biggest draw, and him going over Roode makes sense.
  7. Unbelievable. Bully just put Aries over like a boss, just to blow it like this?
    But hey, they can re-build James Storm (not hard) to win it at BFG, after a one year title reign. This can make up for the Victory Road debacle, but nobody wants to see it.
  8. Why are people mad because Sting went over Roode in a non-title match?
  9. Because we were looking forward to seeing Roode feud with one of the newer/younger top stars in TNA. Nostalgia should decide that Sting should main event. And last time I checked I saw a survey that said Hardy was TNA's biggest draw. Not by much compared to Sting but bigger.
  10. The main gripe I had was that it set up him being the #1 Contender:

    -We've seen the match before, and it sucked. Other than "LOLTNA" logic, there's no reason to believe Sting will win. Plus he always gets protected way too often (but so does Bob Van Dam, so we'll see)

    -Sting's not that big of a draw, he hasn't been relevant in 10 years and the ratings don't go up that much with him as champion, and after that they certainly don't sustain them. His nostalgia act wore off pretty quickly.

    -A bigger percentage of hardcore/IWC type fans watch TNA than WWE, and there's no way in hell they are buying the PPV for that match. Newer, casual fans just see a guy who gets winded easily and has a downright pathetic moveset.

    -Like Stopspot just said, it looked like James Storm could get a rematch against Roode, or Austin Aries could get his main-event push, or maybe a more-relevant star like Jeff Hardy or Mr. Anderson could get a title shot. Don't see why you would pick Sting over them.

    -This is Slammiversary, the culmination of a ten-year journey for TNA. We expected big things from this PPV, but this is really lackluster.

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  11. So you guys want Roode/Storm XXVIII, Roode/Hardy 16.0 instead of Roode/Sting III (first time for the title)? The good news is that Roode will retain this way, and what's better than going over Stinger on a major PPV?
  12. Personally I wanted them to dust off KOTM, but that's just me. And I don't want to.. check that, I won't watch this Sting/Roode match. I have no interest in seeing Roode barely scraping together a victory against a 53 year old man who can only do 4 moves at this point in his career. No thank you
  13. It's not about the number of moves, it never was. It's how, when and why you do them. Ask Flair, Steamboat or Austin.
  14. This.
  15. My point wasn't the # of moves, it's that Sting can barely do anything in the ring and it's sad to watch him be presented as a legitimate threat to guys who are supposed to be 'the best in the company'
  16. Sting nowadays can't go 5 minutes in the ring without being winded, and his moveset is completely outdated. Joe, your point is valid, but nobody buys the Scorpion Deathdrop anymore... come on man.

    King of the Mountain Match for the #1 Contendership: Hardy vs Anderson vs BVD vs Magnus vs Gunner?
  17. But he submited Roode, the Champ, last night. He's a motherfucking threat. Jesus, do you EVER save some kayfabe in you analyzes?
  18. Threat with casuals. I'm not sure on TNA's casuals:smarks ratio.
  19. Analyzes? or my analysis?

    Either way, no.
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