Night of Champions Sting vs. Seth Rollins

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  1. So folks,

    Who's going to win this one now that it's official as of smackdown? Will Seth pin sting? Get DQ? Interference? What will happen? Please give your thoughts.

    Personally, I see Rollins getting DQ which will prompt a rematch. If not, triple h will cause Rollins to win.
  2. Knowing how lame WWE can get, they'll prolly book a screwy finish or maybe even let Sting win and then have a Sheamus cash-in.

    On the other hand, Vince loves shitting on WCW, so we might have a clean finish. Rollins could pin Sting clean, no shenanigans, no bullshit.
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  3. I think Seth will win with the stinger finisher at this point.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Rollins wins. Way too early for him to drop it.
  6. Interesting site, man.

    Yeah, but how? Rollins's character isn't winning this clean, but who knows if they care at all about protecting Sting? (doubtful)
  7. I could actually see him take it clean. Otherwise I expect some old WCW trope
  8. Was going to post this.
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  9. "Tune into Night of Champions to see the stoppable force meet the movable object! See what WWE loves more, booking Rollins to be a coward dork or shitting on WCW! Whoever wins, everyone loses, only on the WWE Network!"

    okay it's really not quite THAT bad but it makes for a nice gimmick post I guess
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  10. It's not that bad kinda sums it well. Rollins has Ric Flair booking. In that he (and we) know that he is a phenomenal wrestler. But he doesn't want to actually wrestle unless he actually has to. Him vs Flair's biggest rival is kinda poetic I guess?
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  11. Sting should have defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania and THEN put Rollins over (albeit due to nefarious tactics) at either Summerslam or Night Of Champions. The way it is now, I don't see a good outcome for this match either way. Either Sting loses his second consecutive match (and his second straight battle to The Authority), or Rollins loses his title to a guy who's clearly just gonna end up being cashed in on by Sheamus not too long after (which will inevitably lead to Sheamus replacing Rollins as The Authority's chosen one, something I doubt too many people are dying to see.) And unlike some, I do see there being a reasonable chance of Sting winning. I think Vince probably got all the "WWE>WCW" stuff out of his system at Mania.

    I'd probably bet on something like either Rollins getting himself counted out by running away with the title, or Bray Wyatt appearing out of nowhere and costing Sting the championship, since a lot of folks - myself included - are speculating that Sting might face Bray Wyatt at next year's Mania if the Taker match doesn't happen (which given the likelihood of a rubber match between Taker and Lesnar, it probably won't), and this could be the early set-up for it.
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  12. You're opening statement is exactly what I've been saying this whole time.
  13. Don't say Gimmick posts, those words together call to me no matter where I be.
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  14. Yep, because Sting wrongfully lost to Triple H, I don't really want to see him lose again even if it is to Rollins... I'd be okay with The Authority gaining new members to screw Sting (leading to Team Sting vs The Authority at Survivor Series) or Sting beating Rollins and eventually dropping the title to Lesnar.
  15. There's no way they're going to give the WWE Championship to Sting - I can count on that. Probably gonna be a DQ victory.
  16. LOL at this whole Sting/Authority deal.
    Sting has no business feuding with the Authority NOW or getting a WWE-WHC match with Rollins, after clearly being at peace with his loss to HHH at Mania and shaking his hand.
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  17. He's gonna use the whole 'He thinks he's an all-time great' deal. He has no beef with Triple H, but more so with Seth Rollins. imo.
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  18. Meh, it still wouldn't make me care about the match.
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  19. The feud itself won't be bad, nor the match I'm sure. WWE just messed up and had sting lose to hunter already. Everything would make more sense had sting beaten triple h.

    I'm sure the match will be good.
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  20. Oh on a roster that's been killing it lately, Rollins' ring-work has been second to none. Been loving his sarcastic booking, too, when he's acting all cocky after winning a belt ON HIS OWN after a lucky bounce, or getting a statue for Pedigreeing Cena on a chair that Jon Stewart brought in the ring... That's been great. Feels like he can't get momentum with this booking even though the character CAN win matches on his own, but all this stuff happens around him and "Hey, cool, easy win! Thanks, everybody! :yay:"

    Know Summerslam was a big deal in the media, with ESPN covering it like a real sporting event and getting news/Today Show coverage and all these other people, I wonder what any new viewers (if they watched) thought about Seth throwing double suplexes and Phoenix Splashes and all the other crazy combo spots and awesome shit he did in that match. Know if I was a kid, woulda thought he was the coolest guy ever.
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