Sting vs Undertaker

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, May 4, 2013.

  1. I don't get why people want Sting to go to WWE just for this one match. Yes I understand their characters match up, but what good will it do to Sting at all? He has been over well enough without being with WWE, and coming to WWE to fight Undertaker, especially is he loses will be a waste of his time in my opinion. The build up would be good, but I don't really see either of them fighting that much inbetween the time they feud and at Wrestlemania, so it's just meh. I just don't understand why lots of people want this match, I see everywhere that Sting should fight Undertaker, but I think it should be a young talent, not Sting.
  2. I don't want to see that, particularly. Although it'd probably stop Sting from burying young talent in TNA. But then he'd bury young WWE talent probably :hmm:
  3. If Sting never had that crow gimmick then this so called dream match would not be talked about.
  4. Sting once said that his one career regret is never getting to work one Wrestlemania and mentioned Undertaker as his preferred opponent. Most probably assume his retirement could be any day and think that ending his career trying to take down the streak would he ideal.
  5. Disagree, Sting is still synonymous with the "other side" as Taker is with the WWE, it's beyond the dark gimmicks IMO.
  6. Was going to post this.

    Hogan made both companies huge, but Sting was ultimately the 'franchise player' of WCW and Taker is the most loyal WWE worker we've ever seen. Even without the gimmicks it is pretty much the face of WCW vs the Man in WWE.
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