sting vs undertaker

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Snowman and I have been pm'in about this for a couple of months. Do you think we can get this match for mania? I have it at 60/40 that it will
  2. That'd blow my hat off! What a dream match!
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  3. All I know is that Sting and the WWE ARE in talks, but it seems like that happens every other year as well. But how I feel is that if there was ever a year to do this it would be this year, because the WWE is hoping that they can have this match and it would be both The Undertaker and Stings last match, which would be freaking awesome to see. So I really hope so, and I'd say 65/35 we get this.
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    Now that he's gone from TNA I could very well see it happening. If it takes a while for Sting to sign then there might not be enough build up time for the match though. Plus, I feel like WWE probably already has something set up for Taker at WMXXX, so they might just have to wait until WMXXXI for the match.

    I found this fantasy promo on YouTube about the match and it was really well put together:
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  5. If Sting does come to WWE, I want him to look like Crow Sting from WCW. Not how he looked like in TNA.

    I have full confidence that WWE would make my wish come true.
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  6. My body is ready
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  7. There's no way this would be Undertaker's last match. Sting's maybe, but I sincerely doubt that as well. If they actually get Sting to sign, they're likely gonna want to utilize him for more than just one match with Taker.

    As for my personal feelings on it, I don't care either way. Whether we get it, whether we don't get it, I'm fine. I've never been that big of a fan of Sting outside of his Crow gimmick from 1996-99 (got bored with him after that) and thus I've never been one to clamor for him coming to WWE in the first place.
  8. First off, you shut your face with the negative Sting talk. Second, supposedly he was written off TNA in this upcoming taping of Genesis.
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  9. Don't care about this match really. They shouldn't feed Sting to Undertaker's streak, that would be a big slap to the face to Sting. I would prefer if he just stays away from the square circle unless it's to cut a promo, in any promotion.
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  10. When it happens, you will love it
  11. Lesnar? JOHN CENA?

    Lesnar I can see never happening (mostly due to concern over Taker's own physical health and whether he could handle a match with Brock at this point) but I don't get why you don't consider Taker/Cena a HUGE possibility. Not only have they never competed at Wrestlemania, but they've never squared off period since Cena became a main event level star back in 2005. (I think their only interaction at all since then was when Taker tombstoned Cena on some Supershow back in 2007 or something.) The 'E isn't dumb, the reason it hasn't happened isn't because it's never going to, it's because they're putting it off to the last minute to make it as anticipated as possible. All signs point towards it being saved for Taker's retirement.
  12. Yeah, John Cena would be a good one, I'll give ya that. That would have to be this year though if you're correct. From everything I've read this is his last Mania. Could be wrong though. Anyways, what are the chances we get Taker vs Sting this year in your opinion?
  13. At the moment, Taker has Lesnar, Cena, Sheamus and Wyatt as possible opponents. Of course by next year people like Reigns and Cesaro might be ready. There's no shortage of people to face The Streak.
  14. These rumors of Sting coming to WWE seem to pop up at around the same time every year so take them for what you will. If Sting really is gone from TNA though, then there's a decent chance it could happen. Sting has talked before about how never participating in at least one Wrestlemania is the only thing missing from his career, plus he's named Undertaker as his dream opponent.

    I doubt Taker/Cena happens this year because it just doesn't seem headed in that direction given Cena's involvement with Orton and The Authority. Plus, they want Hogan to have some sort of affiliation with Cena this year (either as his tag team partner or the guy in his corner) and that seems odd for a match with Taker. I'm getting a typical "good trumphing over evil" scenario, with Hogan there to be apart of it. I suspect that they may wait until WM32 because they're booked at the Cowboys Stadium that year, which can pack over 100,000 seats. On top of whatever other matches they'll end up booking, Taker/Cena being saved for that year could help them break their WM3 record of 93,000+ people.

    On top of a match with Lesnar, Taker/Bryan has been rumored for this year as well, for the record.
  15. I don't want to spoil this for anyone, but
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    Sting will be written off at the next show, which has already been tapped

    ^TNA marks do not click that^
  16. If I were Sting, I'd just jump to WWE already. He didn't join WWE in 2001 because he said he was afraid of how he would be used. But this late in the game, he doesn't have to worry about that. They would obviously play up his legacy and talk about how he's the biggest star to never work in WWE before and they'd use him in a part time/special attraction type of role. Plus he'd get a Hall Of Fame induction as well as his own DVD (at long last.)
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  17. I am with Fooq on this one. I don't think he should come to the wwe and lose.
  18. It's not like he's jobbin to fandango
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