Sting was close to coming to WWE, wants a match with Taker.

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    Wow, to think they were very close makes me sad :emoji_slight_frown:. Wish he did jump the boat, would much prefer him feuding with Taker than HHH.
  2. I hope it doesn't happen tbh. Sting is too old and he's got that mystique of being the biggest wrestler never to work for Vince.
  3. as soon as sting had joined then he loses half of his value cos lets be honest his claim to fame is having never been in wwe its like once u take away the streak what do you have? two veteran wrestlers with no draw value IMPO
  4. I see your point and seabs', but I'd mark if I saw him face Taker. I'm sure he'd still be given credit as the guy who made it big without being in WWE throughout his career. Just one more match with Taker to please the fans sort of thing.
  5. if he could hold that legacy and face taker at mania it would be historic and great but i still feel my point stands if this cannot be achieved
  6. Personally I'd see it as Sting caring enough about his fans to give them the match the majority of them want. Maybe I'm letting my inner-mark get the best of me. I'd just love to see Sting succeed on the big stage.
  8. Don't need to win to succeed at WM. I mean put on a great match/story-line with Taker at WM. Lose though.
  9. He succeed on the big stage with WCW from 1997 to 1998. They were the top company in the time period so I'd class that as the big stage. It's just my opinion that having a wrestlemania match isn't the be all and end all of a career. Many legends haven't had them.
  10. then im with u all day long would be a great match would even succeed cena vs rock but that isnt down to rock lmao
  11. In modern times I don't think anyone can argue that WM isn't the biggest stage in professional wrestling. Sure he's had his time on the top dog show, but WM is a whole new world.

    Many legends have ended their careers without that match sure, but I'd personally want to see Sting in one.
  12. Sting is an excellent competitor. It would have been great if he transitioned into WWE when I did. Then maybe he could have had another chance at the title against me after I won it against him back in WCW.

    He would have in no doubt have been a big star if he did go there.
  13. I 'guess' the match would be okay, though, there's no way Sting can keep up with Undertaker.... which is kind of sad

    Ultimately, Sting isn't dark. It's a gimmick. Personality wise, he's more Cena than Taker.

    I'm concerned we'd see them across the ring from one another and be disappointed... particularly with Sting

    15 years ago... It would have been absolutely epic
  14. I think the sheer occasion would be enough to sell the match. Although I agree, it would of been better years ago. Better late than never.
  15. No question, Sting's been over the hill for some time now, yet, Vince wanted him last year.

    I'd love WWE to go all out with pyrotechnics on Sting's part

    Re-watch Starrcade '97 for a glimpse into what a standard Sting entrance should look like
  16. Oh hell yeah I think they would, WWE are the best at doing one thing, and that's the pyro's/videos leading up to WM I think. They're exceptionally good at making me buy PPV's with shit build up, just because of those videos. Imagine Sting vs Taker... OMG MARKING.