Stings contract with TNA is up in March

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dejuan, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Sting already admitted his dream match would be to face Taker at Wrestlemainia
    I want this shit to happen
  2. Is it really a dream match anymore? I know it once was heck I would've marked my ass off but now I'm not sure it'd be so great.
  3. Sting is still wrestling? Sorry, not a TNA viewer
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  4. i think for this one more last big bang...they would go all out for
  5. No thanks. Maybe years ago it would have been good but I think the ship has sailed.
  6. This stopped being a dream match a long time ago. Don't understand why people still bring this up year after year.
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  7. Because scorpion death lock paint trench coat still wears a shirt over his gear to prevent man boobs from showing vs dead man is obviously a high priority
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  8. This stopped being a dream match like 4 years ago when Sting could still go, His match with Magnus at BFG seems like the realisation that he cant keep up that pace any more.
  9. I agree with others that the ship has sailed as far as this being a legitimate dream match goes. Plus, Taker's time is limited and with only maybe two or three Wrestlemania matches left in the tank, I'd rather see them spent in matches and feuds with the likes of Lesnar and Cena than with Sting.

    To me, this match would have been best if it had happened during the WCW Invasion storyline (or even after) because there's similarities between the two guys as far as being the "consciousness" of WWF and WCW goes. Undertaker and Sting were the ones who were the most ferociously loyal to their respective companies and were pretty much the two principal guys you could point to in either promotion who you could count on never jumping to the competition and neither ever did. That would have been a cool thing to market their feud around (it wouldn't feel as special harping on that kind of stuff today.) The fact that their gimmicks wouldn't have been as compatible at that point (due to Taker playing his more humanized American Bad Ass persona) wouldn't have really mattered because Sting's Crow gimmick was hardly mysterious anymore by that point either. He wasn't the silent warrior who stayed in the shadows any longer, he had already become just like the old Sting once 1998 arrived, just in different face paint.
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  10. I wouldn't want to see that, honestly. I think the time for that match has already passed.
  11. Where did he say this?
  12. Still a dream match for me. Would it have been better 10 years ago? Yea, no shit. But just the entrances alone would have me marking, and while neither is anything what they used to be physically, both move well for men their age and both know how to tell a story. The crowd would lop it up.

    I'm not going to be disappointed when it never happens, but if it somehow did I'd be hyped and anyone saying otherwise is just an IWC bitch ass
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  13. No.

    I do not want Sting to finally make his debut to the WWE, just to be fed to the Undertaker's streak. That would be cridgeworthy to watch, and I highly doubt they will have Sting break the streak. I wouldn't be as mad if Sting did end the streak, but even then I bet the match itself will be a bit poor.
  14. I don't see why the match has to be poor. Was Hogan/Andre poor? Was Rock/Hogan poor? Iconic matches don't have to be fast paced technical wizadry to be great matches.
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  15. *wizardry
  16. I'll bury you
  17. cringeworthy*
  18. Remember that time I predicated during the start of Ziggler's face turn that I said he was going to be buried and you said he was getting a push? :otunga:
  19. Does TNA strategically plan these expiry dates close to Wrestlemania to create a lot of buzz only to kill it again every year signing him back in the hopes of capturing that said buzz?
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