Sting's early WCW / NWA days.

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  1. I've noticed this aspect of sting seems to have been forgotten, replaced by the run as black and white against the NWO. It's a shame in my opinion. As a performer Sting was more interesting with the colorful face-paint and blonde hair then he ever was in his crow inspired gimmick. So this thread is basically a compilation of his work pre nwo. Feel free to post any segments that you feel I've missed.

    Vs Muta GAB 1989 TV title.
    A match between two greats. Just a really enjoyable match from bell to bell with a really nice finish.

    Vs Flair at the GAB 1990 WHC. A really enjoyable match for me with pretty good selling from Sting on his knee, which was previously injured. The psychology revolving around if sting could utilize his power again was enjoyable. Plus I think the ending was a first of it's kind at the time. It's a familiar spot now but try to not think of it that way.

    Vs Cactus Jack Beach Blast 1992 Foley considers this his best pre wwe match. I can see why some really nice bumps in this one plus the finish on the ramp is a really nice spot even to this day. Not Mick's craziest spots but it tells a really nice story. Note the 0 matting around the ring. When Mick does his signature apron elbow drop it seems to be really painful on the concrete.

    Vs Vader Strap Match Superbrawl 3 A match with another man who I feel is seriously underrated in Vader. The brutality of this match was well before it's time. Sting plays the underdog babyface to a tee especially to counter the monstrous work of Vader and his beat downs of Sting. Sting holding on desperately at the end is a very vivid sign of his fighting spirit his character had.

    He was never the best speaker admittedly and I class him speaking as the downfall of his crow gimmick however he could cut decent promos and his charisma just poured from his voice.

    Examples include :

    He gets sympathy here so easily. I know he's on crutches but it's the eagerness in his voice which makes me want him to make his big comeback.

    This to me is the embodiment of a hype promo. He makes me want to see what's going to happen next with his emotion. Plus the excitement in his voice makes me excited for what's going to happen next. It's an example of how tone of voice can make any script seem epic.
  2. Absolutely fantastic thread once again. I never watched WCW and haven't ever really looked back on much either, so this is a great thread personally. As for it being his best "gimmick" in terms of performing, then you're right. It shows more charisma and talent using that gimmick. As for preference, I'm a big big fan of his Crow gimmick. It's such a shame though, he's so under-looked because of the companies he's been in. He'd become a global superstar if he had one run in WWE against Taker, but he just won't do it. Gotta take your hat off to the lad really.

    I have no videos to really contribute as I never watched that era. Those first promos he cut, I dunno if you've ever watched Scrubs but does he not remind you of Dr Cox? Lmao.