Stings last UK tour, TNA in Wembley.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jan 13, 2012.


    Farewell to Sting. Good to see TNA heading to Wembley, that's massive...
  2. TNA in wembley will be huge. I kinda wish I got tickets for there rather then Nottingham would love to see Sting perform live.
  3. Will definitely help spread the word of TNA, haven't seen an episode out of the impact zone for fucking ages now.
  4. They did some really recently actually. Roode won the title outside of the impact zone.
  5. Are the crowds much louder? I remember they were when I last saw an episode out of IZ. Reminded me of an AE crowd.
  6. It was alot better not as good as the BFG crowd but still pretty good.
  7. I'm actually going to order tickets...
  8. Hey Crayo, you should go if it's his last UK tour.
  9. Thing is mate I'm from the very south west of UK. Very tough for me to get there, sleep there, and return without spending a massive amount.