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Discussion in 'RAW' started by RedDwarfTechy, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I don't really care to be honest but thought some of you might. Points to next monday :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  2. It's probably when he starts his new diet.
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  3. Maybe he's just pointing out that it's 7.14.14...
  4. Oh yes, I'm so excited to see a 55-year old Sting debut in WWE! It's apparently 2001 all over again.
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  5. I'll mark, I'm not gonna lie. Especially if they use his awesome crow theme.
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  6. lol twitter
  7. He posted this one 4 hours before that one..


    I would like to see him come in and be made the babyface RAW GM... could be some nice moments.

    I just don't want to see him wrestle.
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  8. Do you moonlight as a TNA writer bro? "I'M DONE!"

    Don't need to explain my thoughts on this.
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  9. If this were really true WWE would be using vignettes to set things nicely for him to return
    If WWE thought Batista was worth all the hoopla, don't they believe Sting might?
    It begs the question of how big Vince thinks Sting's star is.
    They've teased him on the network so maybe they already have their answer
  10. I should, i'd come on here tuesday and see what testify wanted, and then make sure it gets all fucked up. Taryn Terrell would start to strip and then ODB would come out and the camera would forget all about Taryn being MILF of the year 2014.
  11. How many times do you need him to show up in a unitard and t-shirt gig before people forget about him?

    I'm just going to be 100%. He probably doesnt come out, they probably announce the Sting DVD or WCW section of the WWE network and he gets a hogan spot next week.
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  12. It's just like you posted in another thread, WWE's main goal is to get the next generation ready. They need more viginettes, no need to worry about Sting any more. He can meet his old buddy at Springfield Retirement Castle.
  13. This must be the month of returns for current and former WWE talent. I didn't care for him on TNA so honestly I'm not excited to see him on WWE. However, Hulk Hogan was better when he came back temporarily for Wrestlemania and the episodes leading up to it than he ever was with TNA, so hopefully this will be a similar situation and he won't be too bad.
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  14. As long as WWE finds an angle for him, it should work out fine.
    Bret Hart came back in January of 2010 (Just like Hogan did) and started an angle with Vince... that was the beginning
    He was assaulted by Batista and had his leg broken... this was the middle
    He defeated Vince at WM 26 to bring the Hart/McMahon saga to full circle ... this was the end

    TNA didn't properly utilize Hogan. They had no angle. They did everything on the fly and hired (then fired) all his buddies
    In effect, they wasted a ton of cash for something that could have been booked so simply.
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  15. 1 of 2 things will happen.. he will come out ONCE and announce he is going to be a playable character in WWE 2k15 or secondly an announcement will be made on his behalf that he is going to be a playable character.

    With the financial troubles Vince has been having since the Network and Universal deal I highly doubt they feel like investing in a highly priced old ass veteran.

    If he does debut on RAW, please let it be SOLELY a GM ROLE!
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  16. It'll be revealed that he's the pre-order bonus for WWE2K15, I doubt he'll make a 'debut'. But, if he does I'll mark.
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  17. exactly what I'm thinking, either a pre-order bonus or just simply a playable character in general.
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    So Psycho Sid sent out the same tweet...


    and has the same type of photo as his profile photo...


    Who knows what could be going on lol
  19. Looks like a Sami Zayn tweet on top? I'm confused
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