Stipulation for Internet championship

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  1. What if the Internet championship ever becomes active. What stipulation do you think there should be on it?

    I think it should be defended on shows that show up on the internet here on the United States. Like WWE Superstars, that way it could have a reason to be called the internet championship, and have something special about it. Also would be cool just to have WWE upload a match where the championship is being defended, like in any normal day just for a surprise.
  2. I don't know about the Internet Championship having an actual run as a title. I'm not really fond of Television Championships either (for those unaware, the usual stip of TV Championships was that, originally, they would only be defended on shows that were broadcast on regular (as opposed to cable) television, which meant that the common folk could watch a title defended on a regular basis).

    I am far fonder of the idea of "regional titles" (U.S. - only defended in the United States; Intercontinental - only defended in North and South America; European - only defended in Europe), even when they're not quite as regionally-exclusive as they're supposed to be.

    If they were going to make the Internet Championship an actual title, though, they'd probably have to require the title defenses to be broadcast on Youtube or something like that.

  3. Hit the nail right on the head, if they were going to create a Internet Championship, the match, the wrestlers, and the stipulations should be chosen by poll, and it should be broadcasted on the Internet.
  4. It could work, and get more people off dark matches, and more people into the youtube account, which is a joke atm.
  5. Their YT account is constantly in the top 3 most viewed channels on the whole entire site and is a massive money-earner for them, so I'll back away from calling it a "joke".

    As for the title, it should be in the pre-show slot every single PPV.
  6. haha it is flooded with shit. People like me subscribe to avoid coming online to having 30+ uploads within 5-10 minutes. 60k views on live feeds = a joke in wwe looks. Arby n the chief has close, kevin1811 has close, and your opinion = a joke. Raw this week, better than smackdown? :lol1:
  7. I agree. I like this idea.
  8. If he was on RAW or SD weekly, as long as promoting it with his web show, I'm sure they would finally break Miz's record on pre-show views.
  9. I'm a bit of a Noob when it comes to the pre-show was is Miz's record? If you know?
  10. If the internet championship was ever introduced into the wwe (which I doubt it would be) I think the best place for it to be defended would be on the pre shows at PPV’s. Since WWE seem determined to keep these pre shows going, i think they need to put a bit more meaning into them than just using them to bury talent by putting them in pointless matches that don’t make it on air. The build up for the title matches would take place on Raw and smackdown though as it will give people a reason to watch the pre shows. I would actually enjoy watching the preshows more if it had more meaning to it. The internet championship would be a great way to use the underused talent on the roster. What do you think?
  11. During Miz's match I think there was 60+k people watching their YouTube channel to watch the pre-show, nothing has beat that yet.
  12. Okay, thanks for the Info. I doubt the U.S title match will beat that.
  13. If the US match beats that, then Santino's the draw Crayo, not Miz. :haha:

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if the title was introduced, it'd be treated just like the European belt defended on the US and the IC and US belts that have no stipulations whatsoever (I think there should be some based on the names or something), it'll just be a common low-card title. Although seeing it on the pre-shows or defended on matches broadcasted on Youtube would be nice.
  14. All were horrible.