Stipulation Idea For Bryan Versus Kane

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  1. We now know that Bryan/Kane at Extreme Rules for the WWEWHC is pretty much a given. There are also some folks speculating that this could be Kane's retirement match, or at least his last match before taking a few months off of television. So, rather than just holding a typical "Extreme Rules Match", I thought of an interesting stipulation that could write Kane off in a grand way rather than just The Authority firing him for losing his match to Daniel Bryan. And the match stipulation is what I'll call a "Pits Of Hell" match (that's the most appropriate name I can think of at the moment... feel free to add a cooler/better name if one springs to mind.) The idea is that there's a big "pit" somewhere on the ramp near the entrance way, with fire circling around it. Should look similar to the way The Brood used to ascend for their entrance back in the day. And the idea is that you don't know how deep the pit goes, and the "fire" surrounding it is supposed to metaphorically represent the fire of "hades." And the rules of the match state that you have to toss your opponent into the pit to win the match.

    The match obviously concludes with Bryan knocking Kane into the pit, effectively winning the match and retaining the WWEWHC. And moments after Kane falls in and the bell rings, a massive amount of fire erupts from the hole and continues to burn in what I'd imagine would be a very cool visual effect. The PPV ends with Bryan victorious and staring at the fire, which is supposed to represent Kane's "final resting place." See, the idea is that Kane being knocked into the metaphorical depths of hell is him going back to whence he came from, since Kane likes to think of himself as "The Devil's Favorite Demon", and also given that the idea of fire has been tied to the history of the Kane character since the beginning. And this is the last we ever see of Kane (or at least the last we see of him for awhile, should they plan on bringing him back later.)

    Yes? No? I realize it may seem silly, but looking other matches situations and stipulations that have existed over the years, maybe not. As a quick alternate idea, maybe a match of this stipulation doesn't occur (say it IS just a normal Extreme Rules Match, in this case), but rather Kane just tries to toss Bryan into a flaming hole or dumpster or something the next night on Raw (like he did with Shane McMahon back in 2003), but find himself being knocked into it by Bryan instead.
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  2. So a buried alive inferno match then?
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  4. Basically a casket match, but instead with a hole in the ground?

    I'm all for a Title vs. Career stipulation. It would ensure the match closes the show so Kane gets a nice send-off. Putting over Bryan is fitting as Kane's last championship reign (tag titles) came with Bryan in Team Hell No. And in the future is Kane going to be involved in a bigger storyline or match? Probably not. He has nothing more to offer and should headline 2015 HOF.
  5. HE NOT FUCKIN RETIRING! All u get over yourself. There going title but that it not for career! There had been no build to incad that! It just going to be a wwe world title! I will glad put a bet on it it anyone is dumb enough to take the bet?!
  6. Calm down man.. seriously. The OP posted his opinion and asked for other's opinions. you can't just go off on people because your opinion is different... you should calmly say you don't think it will be a retirement match and explain what you would like to see. You always wonder why people around here don't like you all that much... it's because you are too brash with your replies... be sensible and state your opinion.. stop calling people dumb and throwing out random curse words because they state their opinions... because ultimately you end up looking like the rude dumbass when you do that. The fact is that Kane is working toward his retirement... it may not be tomorrow, or 6 months down the road or a year down the road... but it is coming sooner rather than later.. wrestlers only last so long.

    Now, my opinion is that it will most likely be a straight up Inferno match for the title, no other stipulations.
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  7. Um... I specifically said it was all speculation. But I also said that it's possible he'll be written off television and then brought back later. I wouldn't be surprised to see him take some time off after the upcoming match with Bryan and I think this would be a cool way to write him off.
  8. so will u take the bet!?
  9. 3 stages of hell, tables, cage and 2 out of 3 falls. (never going to happen but it would be cool to have it back in the wwe)
  10. Kane aint retiring he has said in interviews he wants to keep going as the money WWE pays him is very good
  11. Well, with his extracurricular pursuits (the insurance agency, his apparently burgeoning political career, etc.), it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to step away from the business, whether it's for a short while or permanently. This makes sense particularly given Steph's comments to Kane about his recent lack of effectiveness and the implicit threat she made to fire him if he couldn't get the job done this time.

    I doubt it will be a career vs. title stipulation, though. I'd expect it more to be a situation where Bryan retains in whatever type of match it is and HHH fires him the next night on Raw, but I've speculated on that elsewhere and won't rehash it here. I actually think a First Blood Match would be entertaining if for no other reason than that we haven't seen one in WWE in something like a decade, but I'm not sure if WWE would go that route considering their stance on blood (not to mention the general feeling most people in society today have about bodily fluids).

    If I'm speculating on match type, I'm hoping for some sort of Inferno Match, althought I like the "Pit of Hell" Match that @Lockard 23 suggests. Good thought.

  12. Here's a stipulation I'd like to see: a 5 minute time limit.
  13. I guess it could work. If Kane is going away for either a while or for good, there should be some big spot for it, so it'd be fine.
  14. I think that a 3 Stages of Hell match would be realistic. Maybe: Fall 1: No DQ. Fall 2: Hell in A Cell. Fall 3: Ring of Fire.
  15. Fire = Good
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  16. 3 Stages Of Hell should be saved for a match a lot more special than this one. I know I'm suggesting a big time stip here, but that's because it fits Kane's character and it's a one-time thing.
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  17. If Bryan wins Ziggler has to stop dressing like a queer. If Kane wins Ziggler stops talking like a queer.
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  18. I think it's too gimmicky for a WWE title match and I also don't see him facing Kane for the title on the line, unless I've missed something.
  19. Chuckled. :pipebomb:
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  20. The title being on the line was pretty solidly teased by Steph when she confronted Kane over why he couldn't beat Bryan on Raw on 4/14.