WrestleMania Stipulations for probable WrestleMania matches

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. There's usually one or two stipulations added to the big WM matches. What will they be this year?

    The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar: Most of Brock's matches have had a stipulation since he's returned. I'll say No DQ.
    Randy Orton v Batista: Doubt a stip will be added to this one.
    John Cena v Bray Wyatt: You've got Harper & Rowan so either a cage match or a No DQ type maybe.
    Daniel Bryan v Triple H: Something involving the title possibly.
  2. HHH vs Bryan match early in the PPV with a stipulation that if Bryan wins he is added to the main event to make it a triple threat. If he loses he loses his shot at the title and cannot compete for it again until the next Mania. So he gets beat up really bad by HHH but still goes over on him and then he goes into the main event injured... but comes out on top anyway somehow... so he defeats HHH and wins the title all in one night on the biggest stage in the world.

    Taker vs Lesnar - No stipulation
    Orton vs Batista - No stipulation
    Cena vs Bray Wyatt - inside a Hell in a Cell cage... the rest of the family can't climb over, can't get in.... and then they get in anyway lol
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  3. Bryan/HHH - If Bryan wins he gets his title shot
    Lesnar/Taker - No Dq

    All that comes to mind atm.

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  4. mark
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    -Make Lesnar and Undertaker a No Holds Barred match. All of Brock's matches since he's been back have been No DQ (except for maybe his match with Big Show at the Rumble, but even that still resulted in Lesnar pummeling Show with a chair over and over again) and a big match like this should be no exception.

    -Bryan/HHH doesn't need a stipulation, even one involving a title shot. Their hatred for one another should be enough to carry the feud. If they do add one though, then make it so that if Triple H loses, he is removed from his position of power as figurehead of The Authority. That would more or less guarantee Bryan another fair title shot at some point in the foreseeable future since there wouldn't be as many roadblocks to eventually earning another shot without The Authority there in charge (plus nothing would eat away at HHH more than both losing to Bryan AND being unseated from his authorial position by him.) Also, if the decision isn't to put the strap on Bryan immediately after Wrestlemania (which I doubt it is), then him earning another shot by beating Triple H would be, well, kind of pointless.

    -Orton/Batista doesn't need one, of course.

    -Cena/Wyatt doesn't need one either. Maybe ban Harper and Rowan from ringside (not that that would stop the lights from going out and Cena being gang attacked and mauled by the three of them while the place is dark, ala The Shield/Rock at the 2013 Rumble.) Otherwise, I want to see just a normal one-on-one encounter between the two. Save the big time stipulations for a possible rematch at Extreme Rules.
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  6. Disagree with this. I think it's a match that's big enough without a stip.

    I can see your point and agree with it, but I think there will be a "if Bryan wins, he gets a title shot at Extreme Rules" stipulation to it. If they don't have Bryan somehow involved in the title picture and Orton/Batista goes on last, the crowd will boo them out of the building unless something miraculous happens.

    Agree 100%, but I figure they'll add some kind of stipulation just for shits and giggles. That will make the match "feel bigger" since the crowd's probably gonna crap all over it as it stands now.

    I like your thoughts here. This needs to be a straight-up one-on-one match where Rowan and Harper interfere and cost Cena the match somehow (although not in a way that really damages Wyatt's credibility; I see him holding his own against Cena right up until the end and right before Cena hits the last AA/puts on the STF, in come Rowan and Harper...something like that), which leads to a rematch with some sort of cage stipulation or something else that will effectively take Rowan and Harper out of the match at Extreme Rules. We have to remember that not all feuds end at Mania.

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  7. Lol, I'm torn between both opinions. I like both thus far.
  8. Bryan/HHH - If Bryan beats HHH he gets to be in the main event to make it a triple threat match. Bryan will win, but be too injured to compete. Orton/Batista go on for about 10-15 long ass boring mins with crowd boos, chants, etc until out of no where Bryan's theme hits and he comes hobbling down the ramp and gets the biggest pop in WM history! Orton still retains lmao
  9. Well Bret Hart did work two matches at Wrestlemania once :hmm:
  10. Same thing I said in the second post except I have Bryan winning. lol
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  11. As did Hogan....if you consider him pinning Yokozuna an actual match.

  12. Perhaps. I'm just going by how nearly all of Lesnar's matches have been booked thus far. Plus, I figure the ending could be something like Brock kicking out of a Tombstone (maybe two) and so Taker ends up having to Tombstone him the third time on the steel steps to finally put him away or something. I also envision Lesnar getting mighty pissed at not being able to keep Taker down and so he has to almost completely resort to the use of steel chairs or steel steps to get the job done because none of the moves he's pulling out of his repertoire are working. This was pretty much the same reason Lesnar unloaded on the Big Show with a chair at the Rumble (despite that match not being No DQ)... because he was frustrated and pissed that Big Show had repeatedly gotten the better out of him leading up to the PPV and a beast like Lesnar resorts to more extreme forms of violence when frustrated, and that would fit right in with a No Holds Barred stipulation.

    If they do go with a normal match with no stip, they should still have Taker win only after three consecutive Tombstone Piledrivers (similar to how Taker put away Kane at WM14.) No way can I picture Lesnar losing after one or even just two tombstones.

    Again, I'd be fine with it as long as Bryan was winning the championship at Extreme Rules. But if he weren't and it was only designed for Bryan to lose again (especially one month after arguably his biggest victory ever [or at least his second biggest]), then there's no point.

    What stip would that be, though? Most WWE Title matches (counting the World Heavyweight Championship matches back when that belt was still defended on it's own) don't generally have stipulations at Wrestlemania and no stip would really make anyone care about Orton/Batista any more (or any less, I should say) than they already do. I personally think with Extreme Rules booked as the first post-Mania PPV, they should always try and hold back on stipulations for Mania matches as much as possible anyway.
  13. Those are my problems:
    1) I don't like a lot of stipulation matches. One or two on a PPV is usually my limit (obviously, a special PPV like Extreme Rules, where every match has some stip, is an exception....also why I'm generally glad ER is only once a year). I would prefer it to be a straight-up match; I just think they'll add something.
    2) I honestly can't think of a stip that would make people care about this match unless these two guys do something to make the match more important in the eyes of the fans. It's not the match type or even the title that will sell/not sell this match; it's Orton's and Batista's personalities, which is where it's really falling short right now.

  14. A career match would probably do it, just as long as there was a guarantee that one of them losing the match (and thus their careers) would actually be permanent. But we're not that lucky.
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  15. Quite like the idea of Taker v Lesnar being a submission match, switching between hell's gate and the kimura. No DQ is fine though and allows Heyman to get involved. I'm sure they'll bring up the Heyman/Taker history soon.
  16. Submission only rules just limits the number of possibilities for this match. Plus, Lesnar tapping out to the Hell's Gate? Meh.
  17. Bryan gets added to the main event, stip is, loser gets fired. Bryan wins, we lose both Orton and Batista! Everybody wins!
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  18. Its gonna be mainly all one fall to finish, one no holds barred match or something to my best guess
  19. Taker vs Lesnar in the octagon? Loljk

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