WrestleMania Stone Cold at WM29?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lady Deathbane, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Did anyone expect him to show at all? From the looks of it, fans have been incessantly asking him if he was coming back at WM on Twitter. From the lack of discussion about the possibility on here, I doubt anyone really thought he was.

    Who would he even feud with? :Hmm:

  2. I'm sure he'll be at WM XXX in some capacity. No reason for him to show up to this one, there are enough old timers as it is.
  3. I seriously doubt he'll even wrestle at Wrestlemania 30. With the rumored matches up of Cena/Undertaker and Rock/Brock, I don't see him being fit into the card in a wrestling role with Brock and Rock and Undertaker and Cena and probably Triple H as well. Don't forget that Austin wants to be the main event of the show if he performs, just as he should.

    I can't imagine him having absolutely no part in the big 30th year anniversary show, though. Probably will end up as a referee for something.
  4. I'd really dig it if WM 30 was an iconic passing of the torch moment from AE/ RA to modern, Taker vs Cena, Austin vs Punk, Barrett vs Brock (I see potential for a brawl there), Kane vs some masked beauty possibly Brodie Lee, Show vs Wyatt (random but Bray's beard needs to be there), HHH vs Hero examples can be altered and should but the concept is something I'm a fan of.
  5. Holy hell, is Barrett not the kind of guy I want to see defeat Lesnar. Ryback, despite me not being a fan, would be a more realistic choice that I could see happening. His big moment last year in defeating Punk has passed him by but he still has hope in the future of becoming a big deal.
  6. I highly doubt Stone Cold will be there, but it can be a possibility that he picks CM Punk up after the match and gives him the stunner. :otunga:

    I doubt that he appears.
  7. The fact that he randomly said that makes me think he could be Jericho'ing us.
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  8. That's what I was thinking, but what would he do exactly? :dawg:
  9. A I the only one who's bothered by the typo? :annoyed:
  10. Stone Cold Gohan?
  11. typo? :hmm:
  12. Ohhh, yeah. I noticed that at first too but I think it's because of Twitter. 140 character limit and whatnot.
  13. Not trolling us . Wont be there till SS to set up a match with Punk
  14. inb4 he stunners 3MB
  15. Didn't expect him to be there anyway.
  16. Just want a set up match between him and Punk for Wrestlemania XXX, oh god that sounds like a porno, I'll change it to Wrestlemania 30.
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