"Stone Cold ET" at invade WWE Payback 2013!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 22, 2014.

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    If only this was the Real John Cena! That would make it that must better!​
  2. That's not the real me.
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  4. Oh... My... GOD!
  5. I find this dude hilarious.

  6. u do rezine it the guy right!?
  7. No, totally not. I really thought it was "Stone Cold" himself going out looking for a guy in an ET mask mimicking his old wrestling persona. :pity:
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  8. Special Appearances by former WWE superstars Chris Masters, Carlito, and Brian Kendrick.

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  9. That intro theme is badass.

  10. Stone cold et is so funny.
  11. If Austin, himself approves, then its got to be an okay deal
  12. Thanks Paige.
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