Stone Cold on Daniel Bryan and concussions in the WWE

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  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin does NOT believe the WWE has a CTE problem on its hands -- saying the issues with Daniel Bryan are isolated ... and a direct result of his wrestling style.

    Bryan retired from wrestling earlier this week -- citing health concerns (including post-concussion seizures) after suffering at least 10 concussions during his career.

    The big question ... will Bryan's issues lead to a sweeping changes in pro wrestling to protect the entertainers?

    Stone Cold doesn't think so.

    "I just think Daniel Bryan worked a very physical cruiser weight style ... and finally after everything that he did, it kinda took it out of him. I don't think it's gonna be an epidemic, I just think it is what it is."
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    Also it is worth noting that 2 of his 10 concussions were with WWE. 8 of them happened prior to his signing.
  3. Fuck that whore woman. DB isn't raging on roids and tons of test. Misinformed dumb bitch.
  4. Wrestling fans on social media are lol. Bryan will likely be fine as long as he doesn't suffer any more head injuries.

    He has a point , Daniel Bryan was watered down in WWE. He was much more stiff and violent before joining WWE. Plus I don't think anyone is blaming this on WWE, Bryan certainly isn't. Bryan is a small dude - him throwing himself around and having stiff matches in the Indies/Japan - it was a matter of time before all the injuries and concussions caught up to him.
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  5. Exactly. Before joining the WWE, he took a lot of mean hits and threw his body around the ring like a rag doll. WWE definitely toned him down a lot just for safety reasons but he still wound up with 2 concussions. He was having seizures as well which is why he retired. A lot of people (fans mostly) are blaming the WWE because they weren't strict enough with his injuries but clearly they were. He kept saying let me wrestle and they said NO! NO! NO! lol but yeah.. It sucks but a lot of wrestlers suffer years after being in the WWE from what they did prior to it.
  6. And even though he was cleared to wrestle, the seizures he had is initially why Vince would not allow it. I believe Chris was having them prior to his incident.
  7. I agree with SCSA.

    One of the things that unfortunately led to DB's retirement is the fact that he didn't adjust his moveset upon returning from injury.

    I mean, you don't trade headbutts with the likes of Ziggler and Sheamus fresh off rehabilitation. That's silly. He could've continued to get great reactions from the crowd had he done the simplest things, but it is what it is now.
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