Stone Cold Podcast w/ Vinnie Mac

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  1. Didn't see this posted.

    Definitely worth watching. Vince lies about some shit, especially about the current product, but seeing them talk about things like the state of the current locker room, Austin walking out back in the day, booking decisions, ect is cool

  2. It was pretty good, I liked how Vince McMahon brushed off the TNA mentions like nothing happened. It was good overall, definitively worth watching.
  3. Watched it the other day. It was a pretty good interview, but I don't feel I really learned anything new from hearing it. Also, some things that were said just annoyed me, like Vince saying how John Cena was the last guy to actually "grab the brass ring." WTF? What do you call Orton, Batista, Edge, Punk, Bryan, etc. then?
  4. Vince is so full of it regarding Cesaro's situation. You buried the guy on purpose, because he said the truth about your little poster boy Cena and his match against Orton at HIAC. Yeah, everyone's sick of seeing these two going at it (for the 980918954th fucking time).
  5. To be fair, Cesaro was already being repeatedly jobbed out long before he made those comments about how he was gonna hate having to witness Cena vs Orton for the millionth time. It's clear officials either lost interest in him at some point or just didn't know what to do with him and decided he would be better off (for the time being) as a good hand instead.

    That aside, I agree with most of Vince's comments about Cesaro, namely about how despite being a tremendous in-ring competitor, he lacks that certain oomph to make it to the top as a main eventer. Yeah, he had momentum coming off his victory at Wrestlemania and they were wrong to squander that, but that isn't the same as being able to make it to the top.
  6. Vince said a bunch of annoying shit concerning the current product. He says he listens to the audience, bullshit. He says he is more in touch than ever, fuck off. I have no idea who he thinks he is fooling with this shit. He complains about guys who don't want to be great, but he ignores guys who clearly do (Ziggler)
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  7. Definitely an interesting listen.

    The problem with the brass ring I think is that there is no clear cut definition of it. What exactly is grasping the brass ring for Vince? One day it might be X and the next its Y
  8. Vince thinks his current product is compelling television. I'm not overly concerned with his definition of anything
  9. Vinnie Mac has turned into a senile idiot who needs to retire for his own company's sake. The most hilarious part was when he said the Network fulfilled 95% of expectations.

    Does this look like a sane person, anyone?


    Step aside, you git, and let your daughter (business) and son in law (wrestling) run things, they're experienced enough.
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  10. When Stone Cold asks him why Shane was in the business I was hoping he would be like "Well, frankly, Shane was tired of waiting on my old ass to finally step aside"

    because we all know it is the truth. We should be enjoying a golden era led by the holy trinity of Shane/Steph/HHH instead we get 70 year old Vince trying to appeal to 100 different demos per show lol
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    Vince DOES listen to fans...... Clearly imo. He's not wrong either. NO ONE has taken control of WWE the way Cena has. No one is near Cena level. People that don't watch wrestling know Cena, Rock, the big guys from AE.

    Bryan/Punk/Orton/Edge etc aren't bout that life. I do think Jericho and Batista grabbed the brass ring however but not Cena level
  12. WWE consistently says they "listen" to the audience. Yet, they ignored the Bryan chants at every show and decided not to give him a long title reign until 6 months after the initial chants and big moment started to flow. I don't even like Bryan and I see that it was time to give him the title for more than a day. Some of the things he said was complete bullshit but other things were pretty interesting. Also, concerning the third party between him and Punk, did he forget his wife works for him?
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  13. The Bryan story was orchestrated petfectly imo. They had him in the MEs. The authority storyline w/ Bryan was the main story line cultivating at a Mania moment. They also gave him whc, a good tag team title run w/ kane. They listened. Punk longest reigning champ in some time. If you sell, enjoy the push. No one transends like Cena though, which is what i believe Vince to be referring to with the brass ring comment.
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  14. Loved Austin's part in the interview, him taking less than 3 minutes to call Vince out to his face that his opening promos are long and stupid was one of my biggest mark out moments of the year, sadly he just lost all credibility when he said "It was a good show we put on tonight" followed by "We tell stories! Nobody's interested in wrestling for wrestling's sake!" after he complimented a show filled with nothing but that. Also awesome was the part where Austin just looked annoyed at the "do you have an email" question.

    Lots of stuff he said made it sound like he actually knows what he's doing, except none of said things fit in with the current product. It was kinda weird.

    It's really hard to compare anyone to Cena though since he is the face of the company, the one on all the billboards, yadda yadda you know the drill. If you want to give the same luxuries to a Bryan or Ziggler and see how they do, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
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  15. Just goes back to what Snowman and I were talking about before... did WWE really mean to do all of that w/ DB or did they stumble and bumble their way into getting very lucky with how things wound up playing out? Were they really creating this master plan... or did they fuck up 9 of the first 10 steps and then get it right in the 11th hour?
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  16. I'm guessing they got it right in the 11th hour. Considering Punk said that they had no plans for him in the main event at WrestleMania when he was leaving, and the plan was Batista vs. Randy Orton.
  17. That is a good question. I honestly don't know. I just went off what i seen. We'll see how they handle dolph, and rollins. They are the internet darlings everyone likes now. I think one or both in line for a push.
  18. DZ vs Rollins should be the main event at TLC. WWE doing the traditional "stumble out of the blocks" on new pushes
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  19. Rollins is destined for push as well as all the other Shield guys. I just hope ZIggler's push doesn't get halted with another injury.
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  20. God forbid Cena isn't in the ME at some PPV. The world would end.

    Yes, DZ vs Rollins should've been the ME at TLC. But Vince's little poster boy needs to stay relevant, so they put him, instead of Ziggler against Rollins at TLC.
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