Stone Cold rocking a beard

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Awesome beard.
  3. Shoulda have that back in the AE.
  4. Doesnt look right when you dont have sideburns to connect it to imo, but i wish i could grow a beard like that :downer:
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  5. Trying to look like me eh Austin?
  6. Looks fucking awesome on him.
  7. Austin still looks like he could whoop ass
  8. Seeing Austin like this gives me a change to have an epic beard with my hair colour.:yay:
  9. God I love Austin.
  10. Stone Cold looks to be in great shape still.
  11. WM30: Daniel Bryan vs Stone Cold in a beard vs beard match. You heard it here first.
  12. Forget Rock or Punk marks, SCSA marks are out in full force. OMG. A beard. OMG. A beard.
  13. :finger:
  14. :neymar2:

    A kid was wearing a Neymar jersey in my sports media class yesterday. For a moment I was wondering if you had found my class and were stalking me, but then I realized the kid was actually Brazilian.
  15. Wtf, he has the exact same face in all 3 photos.
  16. If you actually thought of me then I'm like this - :yay:

    It could have been @"Leo C"
  17. No... it wasn't me. I own no soccer jerseys. And I'm in Brazil too.
  18. Shit hot.....just like mine
  19. Ho doesn't lol
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