Stone Cold tosses IC belt(throwback promo)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. :damn: Stone Cold: Expert Litter Bug
  2. "...Maybe he'll find it, or maybe he'll drown, I really don't give a damn what he does." lol classic Austin.

    This was just an Intercontinental Title feud, and yet it was more entertaining as a whole than virtually every world title feud today.
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  3. Imagine the butthurt if that happened today.

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  4. Yeah, but most people would vote Ocean as a better IC Champ than Axel, lol.
  5. Ocean is also a former WWE Champion
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  6. Just got an idea. Ocean vs Vacant for the WWE Championship.
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  7. Former Tag Champs with Vacant.
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  8. Vacant never jobs.
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  9. Vacant is also a former ROH champion, TNA Champion, US Champion, ECW Champion and X Division champion. That dude needs to go into the Hall of Fame!
  10. And then decline it like Kurt Angle.
  11. Decline it? He won't even show up! :yay:
  12. Thus is the magic his spot would be declared vacant so by not being in the fucker gets in.
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  13. Why do we not have a Vacant header?!? :angry:
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