Stone Cold Underated?

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  1. - Speaking to English digital publication Hooked on Wrestling, TNA Wrestling star Kurt Angle labeled WWE Hall of Famer and former rival "Stone Cold" Steve Austin "underrated."

    "One of the most underrated wrestlers – not entertainers, but wrestlers – in the history of professional wrestling," said Angle of the 6-time WWE Champion. "He changed the face of wrestling. I wrestled him in my first year in the business, and I knew nothing. Austin carried me through every match that we had."

    I have to agree with him. Based on what I seen, Stone Cold could wrestle. He eventually became like a brawler type but I never seen him have a horrible match.
  2. He was a solid wrestler.
  3. People do often overlook his wrestling ability (before the neck injury anyway), but you can't really blame them.
  4. Hear the glass?



  5. Granted I've started watching in 06, so I don't exactly have a great basis for my opinion on Stone Cold's wrestling ability, but from everything I've seen I haven't been impressed. Off the top of my head, one of his bouts with Triple H bored the living hell out of me (I think it was a No Mercy). None of his Rock Mania matches are that good in my opinion, especially X-Seven. The only one I've seen that I really enjoyed was his Submission bout with Bret Hart but even then I think it's overrated since the general consensus about that match seems to be a masterpiece and I don't think it's nearly that good. I've seen a few more but nothing that sticks out as memorable, probably because the weren't as hyped by the IWC as the latter four or as mind-numbingly boring as the HHH one.

    From that, you can gather my definitely minority opinion on Stone Cold's wrestling ability. I'm definitely up for suggestions to watch, since I'm fully aware I have a limited view on Austin's abilities.
  6. You seriously make intelligent posts. :otunga:
  7. I don't think he's underrated per se in the ring, it's just that he had to resort to a mostly punch and kick moveset once his neck injury happened, and since he became the biggest draw in wrestling during his time as Stone Cold, people tend to think of him and judge most of his work in the ring off of that period and thus miss out on his stuff from WCW. I admit I haven't seen a lot of his matches from his WCW days, but I know he was a much better technician in the ring prior to his WWF days. I think he's had a handful of good/great matches during his time as Stone Cold - Bret Hart at '96 Survivor Series and WM13, Rock at WM17 (my favorite), Angle at Summerslam 2001, Triple H at No Way Out 2001, tag match with HBK versus Owen/Bulldog, tag match with Triple H vs Benoit/Jericho, match with Benoit on Smackdown in 2001, etc.

    How anyone can hate the WM17 match with Rock is beyond me. It's a fine example of Pat Patterson being one of the greatest in-ring psychologists to ever exist.
  8. How is Austin underrated? Does Angle know what "underrated" means? Austin is one of the best wrestlers in WWF/E ever.
  9. Stunning Steve Austin was a great wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a routine wrestler (minus WM vs. Hart). However, he didn't really have to try cause he was so damn over. I'm not the biggest Austin fan, but the truth is the truth.
  10. :lmfao: Stone Cold "underrated" Has Kurt Angle Cusin been taking control of his body since he keep "Sopostly" hacking Kurt Twitter Acount?! The only people that REALLY would said a dumb ass answer would be the little kid of today that did not grow up with Stone Cold and had to live and be brain washer on liking John Cena one of the wrost wrestler EVER! Stone was better then ANY wrestler from today WWE and from his time the only guy who maybe better then Stone Cold is CM Punk but we half to wait and see for that at WM30? HMMMH? :pipebomb:
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  11. Saying he was underrated is a good thing... It means he's better than most people give him credit for. Being overrated, on the other hand, is bad, because you're given more credit than you deserve for your talent.

    Anyway, I see his point, when people talk about pure in-ring skills they normally don't mention Austin, and I reckon he was a very good worker before his injury. Still decent afterwards. Makes sense.
  12. I don't see how someone consistently ranked amongst the all time greats can be considered underrated.
  13. I'm supposing he's only meaning as far as pure ring skill goes. I particularly wouldn't consider him underrated as people rate him a lot, but I can understand why someone would say his ring work is underrated.
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