"Stone Cold's" 15 Biggest Stunners

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  1. "Stone Cold's" 15 Biggest Stunners

    The Stunner is as synonymous with The Texas Rattlesnake as cold beer, black tights and the sound of breaking glass. Fifteen years ago this week, Austin Stunned his fiercest rival, Mr. McMahon, and to salute that righteous achievement, WWE.com presents a list of "Stone Cold’s" 15 Biggest Stunners. (WATCH VIDEOS | VIEW PHOTOS)

    Winnowing down the thousands of Stunners on record to a list of 15 is an unenviable task. With this collection, we hope to highlight the Stunner in all its forms and its entire splendor. Some of the Stunners here were included for their historical value. Others were simply too aesthetically pleasing or bizarre to pass up. Then, there are those Stunners that just have an intangible quality to them and had to be listed. (For those keeping count, several entries feature two or more Stunners that were performed in a row. The end count is higher than 15, admittedly.)

    After taking a look, be sure to weigh in with your thoughts and vote to decide which Stunner was the biggest of all time. (POLL: What was "Stone Cold’s" Biggest Stunner?)

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  2. Best one was The Rock at wrestlemania :true: loved how Rock sold it by almost flying. :hmm: Stone cold thread? Maybe we'll see him soon enough...
  3. I remember that stunner.
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