Stone Cold's message to all TNA and WWE Wrestlers!

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  1. :pipebomb:!​

  2. Some truth in that deffantly. Basicly he's just saying "don't sit back and wait for them to hand you something you gotta do more to make them want to give you something."
  3. Tell em Steve, plenty of Wrestlers want the money..the fame..they want to abuse and suck the blood of the companies they are in, to become a movie star and such.Fandango is one of those guys, that needs to called out! Yes Fandango, the man is playing a dancing character, but barely dances! He's suppose to be a flamboyant character like Goldust or Rico, who knew what to do to get over there character.Not Fandango he touches himself and does one whirl and he thinks he'll be World champion.
  4. uh? goldust is still well known to this day in wrestle buildness. yes he never become a world champion but still people know who he is. and people still talk his great wrestling! why do thing people want him to face his little brother cody at WM!? it not b/c there just brother but that knew goldust can make the match look good with that 90's stislad that he has!
  5. He praised Gold dust lol, he was hating Fandango.
  6. But mostly because they are brothers :troll:
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