Stooge ashamed of being on Raw (CM Punk is Awesome)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Here, to comment on this, CM Punk!

  2. RE: Stooge ashamed of being on Raw

    I fucking love you CM Punk. What an arrogant prick, I'm also ashamed to have seen him on a television show I watch.
  3. Stooge ashamed of being on Raw

    He was ashamed to be there, the fans were ashamed to see him there. @[Testify] you're a maths genius can you calculate a solution to this?
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  4. He's mad because he was boo'd. What an arrogant asshole, I'm definitely not seeing his film now and I'll tweet him numerous times telling him I pirated it but still didn't watch it.

    I love CM Punk for commenting on it though.
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  5. What a useless dick head. Believe me pal, nobody wanted to see your unfunny asses on the show either.
  6. RE: Stooge ashamed of being on Raw

    Well, that right there is a relative term. The solution is you draw the line between Punk's mouth and Stooges's assholines and you get the min. perchents of the douchebag being back.

    Now, as of this writing, the perchents of fans who were ashamed of him is HIGH (141!), but since he was ashamed of them too, it mismimizes the opposite of high, which is now a 250 perchance chance of fans actually caring about him and making him an egg.

    To cut the deal, solution is kiss my calfs stoogehole Canadian . :steiner:
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  7. RE: Stooge ashamed of being on Raw

    At first I was like :matt:

    Then I was like :laugh:
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  8. WTF seriously how can he say he was ashamed to be on Raw when hes in that stupid movie. CM Punk just owned that guy with his tweet

  9. On the subject of scrooges what a fucking cheek those top commenters have, make sure everyone with YT accounts lets them know how we feel.
  10. Negatived both of them.
  12. ...And positived mine? :otunga:

    Nice work all :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Being a monkey on the show, doing all the best to pretend funny, which they are not. And then diss WWE?
  14. LOL like I care I had no idea who they were then watched them and would rather poke my eyes out with blunt spoons than watch that movie. Never family entertainment Lion KIng and any quality Disney film animated or live action is family that was garbage. :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Watched the interview, he's sucha fag.
  16. Plus Santino is a better idiot than them! least santino is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Get em. Bury this asshole.
  18. My thoughts at the time! Santino was better at playing a stupid character than they all were.. at least he can be relatively amusing sometimes.
  19. They were annoying Santino somehow legit pulls off being him dunno why?
  20. They are not even funny and they can't respect other types of entertainment. They can go suck my dick.
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