Kayfabe Stop Giving, Start Taking

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  1. *JJ Colton walks through the curtain with a choir of boos swarming around him, he walks down the ramp with a serious look on his face*
    Patrick Evans: What the hell is Colton doing out here, he is suppose to be suspended.
    James Defto: He does not deserve to be suspended Evans, it was Thomas Drago's fault, he was trying to force Colton to say something even though he told him to leave him alone, Thomas Drago deserve that beating from Colton back at SummerSlam.
    Patrick Evans: No. Colton still attacked an official, it's his fault that he can't keep his hands to himself, he was suppose to simply do his job, not put his hands on one of our best interviewers.
    James Defto: Shhh. Shut up, Colton's got something to say.
    *Colton is standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand, the crowd starts to chant 'Why Colton Why' at him*
    JJ Colton: *raises mic to mouth * Why should I have to explain to you people what I did at SummerSlam, me attacking Thomas Drago should give you full proof, that I am sick and tired of every...single...one...of you.
    *The crowd starts to boo*
    JJ Colton: I have been kissing people's ass for so long, that it made me lose my World Championship match last week.
    Patrick Evans: I'm not gonna listen to anymore of this, I'm gonna call security right now.
    James Defto: No don't do that Patrick, are you trying to take away Colton's freedom of speech?
    JJ Colton: Ever since I introduce myself here at Exodus, I come out here and try to be the nice guy, I tried to entertain you, I tried to please you, I tried to be the hero that you people want to succeed, but after last week, the JJ Colton you people used to know and love, is dead.
    *the crowd starts to boo again*
    JJ Colton: I am not suppose to be here tonight, but it is not my fault that Thomas Drago didn't leave me alone like I told him too, I didn't want to attack him but he made me reach my boiling point, he was suppose to be my friend, he should have talked to me in private, not just use me for a stupid aftermath interview. Him doing that shows a good example that he is trying to make this personal between me and him.
    *The crowd starts to cheer as five security guards rushes to ring*
    JJ Colton: Not again.
    *Colton drops the mic and starts to run out of the ring, he jumps over the crowd barricade and starts to leave the arena*