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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Here is a thread where I list up things I notice and think about whilst watching Smackdown. Maybe I will make this a weekly thing who knows. Here goes.

    1. Starting off with a recap of last weeks episode, cut in some #ZTLIS and you build up nicely for Ryder being GM this week. Actually making the GM spot on Smackdown seem worth something. Good job WWE.
    2. Edited Smackdown intro to feature Zack. Nice
    3. Zack comes out to a nice pop. I am saying nice because if you look at the crowds reaction and not just the sound you can see that Ryder is getting an insane pop.
    4. Cole is not a fan of Zack. Oh Michale Cole, you can never have nice thing can you?
    5. Zack panders some to the crowd, getting them all to fistpump. Nice going cowboy.
    6. Del Rio and Ricardo McAwesome Rodriguez come out.
    7. Del Rio and Ryder cut a little promo. Getting Rio some decent heat since he talks down to an over face.
    8. I guess Ryders title is legit somewhat now since they mention it quite a lot.
    9. Del Rio and Ryder also had quite good mic chemistry to work off of. Which helps Del Rio a bit since I find his promo work his most lacking, but with a guy he can work well with he is really good.
    10. Mystery opponent? Nope, just Cara.
    11. Recap of when Del Rio went rageface on Red Ranger for the first time.
    12. Guess Del Rio can rassle whilst it is dark.
    13. Red Ranger has the hole in his tights fixed from when Del Rio layed him out.
    14. These two guys have some good chemistry in the ring. Give them a feud later on. :obama:
    15. Nice Suicide dive spot.
    16. Del Rio dominating after commercials.
    17. Close call for Del Rio after Red Rangers new finisher.
    18. Berto wins after what was a really good match. Nice work Smackdown.
    19. Backstage Ryder segment. Like Playa said Ryder, you da man tonight.
    20. Le wild Stealth Show appears, how such a large man can sneak up on people I will never know.
    21. Le wild giant Indian interferes. Le match is set.
    22. Ryder made even a Big Show heavy segment good with his face work alone. props to Ryder.
    23. On the subject of Ryder I think and hope this is WWE establishing Ryder on Smackdown, a show on which he can be used. He is an insanely over face and he has proven that he can pull of good feuds with most guys sans being thrown in with Eve, Kane and Cena. He worked great feuds with Ziggler and Christian in which he made both those guys titles seem important. Use him as one of your franchise mid card faces on Smackdown WWE and you have some future gold there. Giving him a legit slow push on SD could work wonders.
    24. More ads for the UK tour.
    25. We come back for some Prime Time Playas. damn :dawg:
    26. D-Young one on one vs Primo. Could be a good in ring match since Darren ain't bad and Primo can bring a good match out off most people.
    27. LoL pervert Booker.
    28. The guy who uploaded this episode fast forwards through match intros. What a scrub. I wanna see Rosa dance.
    29. Even start to this match, trading fists in the middle of the ring.
    30. Primo busts out a hurricanrana early. What a boss.
    31. I lol at Primo playing a bit of a Eddie G styled face. Using the ropes to his advantage with that rascal smile on his face.
    32. I don't know what I feel about AW wearing a mic to the ring really. On one hand it enhances his role as a manager. On the other it takes away some from the commentary.
    33. D-Young dominating but Primo doesn't give up. Good move since it establishes that Primo is a tough competitor and it still shows of D-Young as somewhat powerful.
    34. Primo getting some offence.
    35. D-Young countering the backstabber by grabbing the ropes.
    36. Primo rolls up D-Young for the win. Nice win for Primo.
    37. Wonder when they will start really amping the PTP up for their title shot....
    38. Good match between these two. Smackdown has been real good so far. And we've even had Show and Khali mic time. That should tell you something.
    39. Dance for me Rosa, dance :gusta:
    40. I lol at the guy behind the commentary team with a sign that says "sheamus, I'm Irish, Kiss me!" who holds it upside down.
    41. 1000th Raw segment with Edge. Such a great moment.
    42. Sheamus backstage? Fuck.
    43. Ryder is there though so I am cool Ryder will be responsible and pull the match if Del Rio shows up. Good guy Zack looking after his bros.
    44. Jericho shows up!? Zackdown is Jericho I guess.
    45. Ryder books Jericho vs Sheamus for tonight. Guess Jericho will carry Sheamus to a good match then.
    46. God how terrible is Sheamus on the mic?
    47. Absolutely fucking horrible. It deserved it's own spot on the list.
    48. Christian and Santino is out after some ads.
    49. Why is Christian dragged down by such a scrub of a character as Santino. Santino became such a lame character once he got the US title. A joke character running with a title that should help build up mid carders destroys both him and the title.
    50. Vicki is out and Crayo jizzed his pants.
    51. Ziggler comes out with his ass-cape. I love that.
    52. It's actually cheers but WWE wants you to think it is boos.
    53. Rhodes is out to team with Ziggler. This might be one of the best one night tag teams ever.
    54. Christian and Cody start it off in the ring.
    55. Santino is in.
    56. Ziggler is in to sell this fucker out.
    57. Christian vs Ziggler. At a PPV that match would be a show stealer.
    58. Commentary on this show does much more for hyping up the Money in the bank matches than RAW did this week.
    59. Cody counters the hurricane DDT and goes for the cover.
    60. Christian slips out of the Alabama Slam. Whaskally wabbit.
    61. Santino steamrolling on Dolph who sells like a Bieber concert.
    62. Rhodes intercepts the cobra and starts brawling with Christian outside of the stage.
    63. Dolph sneaks up on Santino and gets the win. Great to see Dolph get a win on TV after all his jobbing to Sheamus.
    64. Dolph is ready for a main event title run. WWE just need to give him one.
    65. 15 minute RAW Rebound? I'm going to skip right through that :pity:
    66. Show vs Khali now. Oh boi.
    67. Nothing of note in that match. What a shock :pity:
    68. Fuck yeah! Reks and Hawkins heading out. Reks to take on Ryback.
    69. Reks is such a beast.
    70. Reks getting mic time.
    71. Unleash the Ryback!
    72. Why is this scrub speeding through Rybacks entrance? What a noob.
    73. Big boot from Ryback after some early Reks dominance.
    74. Reks uses the ropes.
    75. Ryback planting Reks with Shell Shocked.
    76. Definitely the best Ryback match to date. Reks looked good from it as well.
    77. 1000th ep moment with Jackman.
    78. Rock coming to ep 1000. Old news is old.
    79. Justin Gabriel is out for a match. He is facing Sandow. Glorious.
    80. I wonder if Gabriel has caught the clap yet from dating Kelly Kelly...
    81. Sandow sign in the crowd? Boss.
    82. Sandow wins after a short match with some good in ring skill. Smackdown continues to keep up with good match quality sans the Big Show match.
    83. Recap of Santino hunting for Swoggle. I'm going to skip that.
    84. Main Event time.
    85. The bloody Irish is out first.
    86. Save us Y2J.exe.
    87. Jericho is out looking as baws as always.
    89. Now this scrub is fast forwarding through parts of the main event? Scrub :facepalm1:
    90. Jericho carrying Sheamus to a good match so far.
    91. Sheamus looks so winded. LoL the pale potato is out of shape.
    92. Sheamus busts out some five moves of doom.
    93. Jericho hitting a beautiful dropkick.
    94. Jericho connects with the Lion sault. Beautiful.
    95. Sheamus kicking out, FML.
    96. Sheamus beats Jericho. Save us D_R10.exe.
    97. Apparently I ask and I shall receive.
    98. Ricardo rolls out in the car and distracts Sheamus so Del Rio can hit a kick to the head from behind. Boss move.
    99. Sheamus rolls of the stage.
    100. Armbreaker to the stage.
    101. Refs force Del Rio off.
    102. Del Rio stands tall as the show ends.
    103. Good showing by Smackdown this week. They continue to show consistency which RAW often times lack when it comes to match quality.
    104. On RAW two matches can be good but we can get five bad ones in one night,
    105. On Smackdown is one match that night is good you know that most of the other matches are going to keep decent quality at least.
    106. Definitely a better go home show than RAW this week.
    107. This weeks Raw was about as much a train wreck as Sheamus promo was during this Smackdown.

    Hope you like this little project of mine.

    Peace out peeps.
  2. That was fun, reading through it.
  3. 107? i did not know numbers went that big!!!! :dawg:

    will read this after stars of x o.o
  4. This is awesome. Plenty of lol moments.
  5. Very nice list Stop. Since I didn't watch the show it helped a lot. :jericho:
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