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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Doing the same thing I did for Smackdown this week. Listing up things I noticed and comment on this weeks episode of NXT. Here goes.

    1. We start of with what seems to be a very hyped up and lively crowd. Great way to start the show and get me pumped.
    2. No JR from the start this time but I know that he only does main events from now on so no worries.
    3. Tyson Kidd is out first to a very good response. The smark in me is loving it.
    4. Camacho is out to face him and Hunico is with him.
    5. I feel like they could have given them some more heat by having Hunico cut a promo before the match. But hey, ce la vie.
    6. Kidd shows us from the start why he is one of the best ring technicians in the WWE.
    7. Camacho isn't half bad himself but nowhere near Kidd's level at this point in time. He can keep up a decent pace which allows Kidd to work his magic and that helps a lot.
    8. Kidd sending Camacho out of the ring was good.
    9. Hunico evicted. You sending him back over the border?
    10. Kidd hits the brain buster and goes for either the dungeon lock or sharpshooter after Camacho dominates for a while.
    11. McGillicutty comes out and distracts Kidd, allowing Camacho to pick up his first singles win.
    12. Good start to NXT this week and a golden way to continue the Kidd/McGillicutty feud.
    13. The commentary team on this show is still one of WWE's best. Saxton just needs to develop a bit and he will do that and become great next to William Regal and Chris Russo.
    14. Prime Time Playas and The Usos square off later.
    15. Bray Wyatt promo now.
    16. This shizzle is so damn nizzle.
    17. Okay I got that out of my system now.
    18. But seriously Wyatts new gimmick and promos are boss.
    19. Wyatt up next. King.
    20. I do not care for this Cena focused MITB promo. Go hang yourself promo package. You look good and all but I wouldn't bang you with a ten foot pole. I know where you have been.
    21. 1000th RAW moment. Hugh Jackman time. When is the new Wolverine movie out Hugh?
    22. Striker interviews Gabriel backstage. Okay.
    23. Gabriel wants to become a champion again. Tag team to be precise I think.
    24. Gabriel vs Heath Slater next week for the main event. King.
    25. Save_us OMB.exe.
    26. Now that I've vented my Slater markism, on with the show.
    27. And just then Slater comes out.
    28. Boy I love it when Slater gets mic time.
    30. Next weeks main event is going to be great. Both these guys are great in the ring.
    31. Aiden English is out next. He is supposed to be really good in the ring but he is mainly used as a jobber here. His time will come.
    32. Wyatt is out cutting a bitching promo. Gives me shivers.
    33. The angel in the dirt is a bitching nickname.
    34. Wyatt has so far only spoken and is already getting chants. Such a boss.
    35. Wyatt dominating and being a crazy ass mofo. Love this man #nohomoforWyatt.
    36. Push this man as a monster when he heals WWE! an insane monster.
    37. Kane could retire knowing the insane monster angle is in capable hands.
    38. Rolling around under the ropes laughing like a champ. He has sipped some strong holy water.
    39. Wyatt is going to be huge with this gimmick if booked right.
    40. Rollins promo pack time. Man this episode just keeps feeding me goodies don't it.
    41. I'm going to be fat by the end of this due to all this sweetness.
    42. The promo was about his finisher? Great way to build it up as devastating in my opinion. Not bad Rollins, not bad.
    43. Build up to MITB. Good choice.
    44. Mini Ziggler shows up as backstage reporter interviewing Steamboat. Boss.
    45. Fun fact, Briley Pierce aka Dolph Zigglers little brother is a published author. The book is called I can make out with any girl here and can be bought here.
    46. Kruger interrupting Steamboat. Setting up a feud maybe? Hmm.
    47. And they brawl!
    49. Usos are out to a nice reaction. They even added an explosion to their entrance to sync with the jump. Good cause that entrance needs that.
    50. Noticed they now have a male announcer in the ring. Thank god cause that female one was horrendous.
    51. JR is on commentary now. Always nice to hear the voice of wrestling.
    52. PTP out next. Feels weird not seeing them with AW now.
    53. Oh PTP you rascals, having to fix D-Youngs hair.
    54. They touched the hair!? Somewhere Farooq is screaming in pain along with D-Young.
    55. The Uso bro slaps D-Young on the mouth and Young goes to Titus for comfort. #Bromance.
    56. Usos with the early advantage.
    57. Titus is in.
    58. lol whichever Uso is out starts dancing all of a sudden. Brodus Clay just felt a disturbance in the funk.
    59. Powerslam from Jay to D-Young.
    60. Jay snatched D-Youngs fro pick. Such rascals.
    61. Silly Jay you ain't got no fro.
    62. D-Young gets in the ring but is promptly sent back out. So long and thanks for all the fish I guess.
    63. Usos pull out the seven-ten-split.
    64. I don't find Titus that threatening, he needs a more aggressive side for that. Right now he is just jovial but still a heel.
    65. PTP dominating now.
    66. Young trying for a submission.
    67. But out of the ring he goes.
    68. Young stops a hot tag.
    69. Young dominating with a submission.
    70. PTP's tag move was slipped out of. lol Titus slamming Young into the ground.
    71. Jay Uso in on the hot tag.
    72. Superkick into ropes throw and finally Samoan drop. Nice combo there Jay.
    73. Titus interrupts the cover.
    74. PTP's tag team finisher finishes it.
    75. Dirty win for PTP.
    76. Another great episode of NXT. Some storyline build and a new debut. This show is on a roll.
    77. That is all.
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  2. Great stuff. :burns:
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