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  1. So guess which mofo also got sentimental and wrote a anniversary editorial? Yup, this guy. I’ve been here since WM28 and I have been staff since the summer of 2012 and I’ll say that this is the most fun I have had on the internet and I really enjoy and cherish this community. Like the Canadian **** destroyer I am going to spoiler each and every one of the people I write about. Beforehand I will say that I cannot guarantee that I have something to write about everyone, I’ll write something about those that it jumps into my mind to write about. But I enjoy speaking to and appreciate you all.


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    The big cheese on here. I love speaking wrestling and football with you, even though we don’t always share an opinion. You were one of the first I’ve talked with on this site and you gave me the opportunity to be staff. And for that I thank you, ILY you goofy Cornish twat.


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    The butt of most jokes on here, and you take it in stride. I remember playing Minecraft with you and Crayo and you guys leaving me in a cave (still gonna get you back for that one). You’re nowhere near as active in regular posting as Crayo but you’re hell of fun to talk to. Plus you have great taste in music compared to your bear.


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    My brother from another mother, arguably my best friend on this site and a man who taught me much in wrestling, just by indulging me and wanting to talk with me. If I had to meet a member from this site in real life you would be on the top of the list buddy.


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    The Canadian **** destroyer himself, you are one of the older and wiser members on here and also one of the more fun ones. Don’t let age hold you down pal. You’ve been a fine addition to staff and a great addition to staff.


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    What is to be said about you that hasn’t been said? Often imitated but never duplicated. Your dry wit is legendary on this site. Also our number one MMA buf.


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    Probably the most loud and proud on here. Sometimes a little too loud for my tastes but when you are on your game you really are on.


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    As some have said, you take a lot of crap from the rest of the site, and I’ll admit to having dished it out as well but you take it like a champ. And I honestly couldn’t imagine this site without you.


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    I love talking wrestling with you, we seem to have jumped on the ship around the same time so its fun to talk with someone who has been watching as long. If I could only get you to watch more Japanese stuff :otunga:


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    Top lady of this site, or Old Lady as the bikers say. Always great to talk to.

    Pop Tatari:

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    You aren’t always on, but when you are you are one of my favs to talk wrestling with, absolutely love talking puro and indy wrestling with you man, we need to keep it up.


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    Possibly the friendliest guy on this site. Like Pop not on all the time but always great to talk to.


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    Another one of the most fun people on this site to talk to. INB4 because your black excuse. Keep up the good work champ.

    Shadow and THG?:

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    Combining you two into one text. Both of you are new but both of you are really friendly and swell to talk to so I look forward to talking more with you in the future. Welcome aboard.

    Leo C:

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    Another of my best friends on here. Always great to talk with. Looking forward to more great times with you.

    CM Punk:

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    Our lost brother, looking forward to your return Jack. Always great to talk to and fun to joke about with. Miss ya big dawg.

    Hoss, Solidus & Coon:

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    Another multi post. You three guys are grossly underrated and great people to talk to, you deserve more cred than you get. Love goofing off with you guys in staff.

    Those are the ones that I can think of.

    Honorable mentions:





    Lady D





    If I’ve missed you I still love you.

    Love all of you and love the times we have had. Looking forward to tons more (at least two more years :otunga: )
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  2. "as some have said, you take a lot of crap from the rest of the site, and I’ll admit to having dished it out as well but you take it like a champ. And I honestly couldn’t imagine this site without you."

    :upset: :yay:

    I feel sad now for all the hate I've given you Plop <3
  3. You're awesome dude, great post.
  4. Canadian **** destroyer? I like it :obama:
  5. Imma champ now :yay: U can't see me
  6. So, you recommend the G1 Climax tournament? :otunga:
  7. Absolutely. All nine days of it.

    I mark for spots like these (open)
    One of my mark spots was a dude punching through a chair to get to another dude. Beast
  8. If I had to meet a member from here you'd be top too :yay:
  9. ya don't say
  10. Let me have my moment DZ.
  11. but I'm D'Z
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  12. You're not that important.
  13. we both know better
  14. I bet you both share the "top" position. :awyeah:
  15. OH DEAR GOD, i made the list!?
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    All I get is a shitty honorable mention? :mad2:

    Least favorite staff member, for sure. :gtfo:
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