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  1. This will be my WWE universe booking thread. In this thread I will run my own be the booker universe based on the WWE universe. You guys are free to comment and rate shows if you wish. This universe starts the night after Wrestlemania and my goal is to get through an entire year. I will try and do three shows, Main Event, Raw and Smackdown. I have chosen to not feature the divas due to lack of division depth and me not knowing what to do with the division.

    Here is some backstory to get you "caught up".

    The Rock defeated CM Punk and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match to retain his WWE title.
    Antonio Cesaro beat R-Truth to retain the United States title
    Wade Barrett recaptured the Intercontinental title from Kofi Kingston
    PTP won the tag titles in a fatal fourway elimination tag match (Hell No dropped them to Rhodes Scholars at Royal Rumble)
    Alberto Del Rio defeated the Big Show to retain his World Heavyweight title
    John Cena and the Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston in a tag match
    Undertaker defeated Kane, afterwards Kane announced his retirement
    Ryback defeated Dean Ambrose in a No DQ match, sending Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to Smackdown
    Randy Orton defeated Sheamus for number one contendership for the world heavyweight title.

    Here are my rosters as of WM29.

    Show Spoiler

    Main Eventers Raw:
    CM Punk
    John Cena
    Daniel Bryan
    Randy Orton
    Mark Henry - yet to return -

    Mid Card Raw:
    Kofi Kingston
    Dean Ambrose
    Jack Swagger
    Michael McGillicutty
    Antonio Cesaro (US champion)
    Adrian Neville -yet to debut -
    Jake Carter - yet to debut -

    Lower carders Raw:
    Zack Ryder
    David Otunga

    Show Spoiler

    Main Event Smackdown:
    Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Champion)
    Dolph Ziggler
    Big Show
    The Miz

    Mid Card Smackdown:
    Wade Barrett (intercontinental champion)
    Kassius Ohno -yet to debut -
    Seth Rollins
    Roman Reigns
    Cody Rhodes
    Heath Slater
    Damian Sandow
    Big E
    Curt Hawkins - yet to return -
    Justin Gabriel

    Lower card Smackdown:
    Johnny Curtis
    Derrick Bateman
    Ricardo Rodriquez (also ADR's annoucner/manager)
    Brad Maddox

    Tag Teams (they can move between the rosters due to the tag title being contested on both):
    Show Spoiler

    Epico & Primo
    PTP (Titus &Darren, champions)
    Evan Bourne and Alex Riley
    The Usos
    3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal)

    Part Timers:
    Show Spoiler

    The Rock (WWE champion)
    Triple H
    And others

    Authority figures:
    Show Spoiler

    Vince McMahon (Chairman of the board)
    Booker T (GM of Smackdown)
    Ric Flair (GM of Raw)

    Show Spoiler

    Teddy Long
    Vickie Guerrero
    Road Dogg
    I guess divas will go in here as well, they won't see much ring action for now but can be used for story purposes

    First bookings will follow in a post below.​
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  2. Stopspots WWE universe booking thread

    Looks good so far man. Only thing with keeping it all in one thread is newer users who start late will have to scroll a ton to find stuff. I say have each episode as a separate thread and have it labeled #1, #2 etc.
  3. Stopspots WWE universe booking thread

    Wouldn't that risk cluttering the section with tons of threads? I am looking at how "that other site" does this and they tend to keep it to one thread per user/story it seems. Perhaps I'll make monthly threads (one thread per month) and use this one as a start and as a base thread where people can go to check out the roster.
  4. Stopspots WWE universe booking thread

    I like the fact that you've came up with this relating to an existing company and the way you've divided everything up into a nice presentable manner. The important question is, are you going to be 'bringing' back the old guys? For example, if you're doing a paper-view are you going to post and bring back a returning Batista? This would make it more interesting and I'm really interested in your show. I'm hoping later on the diva's will also play an important part into your show, too.
  5. Stopspots WWE universe booking thread

    I'm not against bringing back some retired talent for one off appearances but I don't think I will bring back any old timer for a longer run. Taker at Wrestlemania for sure but I prefer working on and building up the current and future roster. Never say never to an old timer appearing though.
  6. RE: Stopspots WWE universe booking thread

    That's perfectly fine. It's good that you want to build up young talent, though. It's also nice to see PTP as tag champs on your show.
  7. Here it is. My first episode of RAW. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment and review. The road to Extreme Rules starts now.

    Opening Segment
    Show Spoiler
    Raw opens with a recap of Wrestlemania 29, all the highlights and epic moments. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us as Vince McMahon’s theme starts up. Vince comes out on the stage to a huge pop from the New Jersey crowd and he talks about what a calendar year this has been for the WWE. He then reveals that they are re instating the brand split and that the situation with a permanent general manager for RAW has been resolved and Vickie Guerrero has graciously stepped down to another backstage role. Vince gestures to the curtain and Ric Flair’s theme starts up to a massive pop from the crowd.

    Flair comes out and grabs a microphone and shakes Vince’s hand. Ric thanks Vince and tells the crowd that they have a wild year ahead of them and that he looks forward to a hell of a ride. CM Punk’s music comes on and the former WWE champion comes out to massive heat with his manager Paul Heyman. Punk gets in Ric’s face and demands a title match against the Rock tonight. Ric says no can do as he has already talked with the Rock and plans for the WWE title have been set in motion already. Ric then waves Punk off and says he has a show to run. Punk says this isn’t over as he heads backstage. Ric laughs and tells the fans to enjoy the show.

    Match 1
    Show Spoiler
    David Otunga’s theme comes on and Otunga walks out to heat. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone; he says that this next calendar year in the WWE will be the year of Otunga. He turns to the ramp as Adrian Neville’s theme hits. Justin Roberts introduces the British high flyer from NXT in his main roster debut. Otunga takes control early on in the match but Neville counters a shoulder block into the corner and takes control using his fast, high flying style. Adrian gets the win using the 630 senton after an okay debut match, picking up his first one on his first outing on the main roster. Cole and Lawler sells the new wrestlers win and hypes the plans Ric Flair and the Rock have as we go to commercial.

    Adrian Neville beats David Otunga by pinfall

    Segment and match 2
    Show Spoiler
    Evan Bourne is sitting in the locker room, lacing his boots up as Epico and Primo walk in. They make fun of Evan and call him the “supposed savior of the tag division” and a wash out. Evan says he is clean and that he has put his problems behind him. Epico and Primo keep tormenting Evan until Alex Riley walks up and confront them. The four stare each other down until Primo and Epico leave. Alex says Evan better watch out because those two can be trouble.

    Match 2
    The Usos come out to a decent face pop. They get in the ring as the Prime Time Players theme comes on. The tag champs come out to heel heat and get down to the ring. Darren and Jimmy start in the ring, even pace between the two with equal offence. Jimmy gets Darren to his corner and tags in Jay, hitting a tag team move as they make the tag. Jay quickly gets control of Darren and hits him with multiple moves; Darren finally rolls out of the ring to get some breathing room. As the ref tries to get Darren into the ring Titus jumps the ropes and hits Jay with a big boot and then jumps back outside. Jimmy runs around the ring and starts’ brawling with Titus as Darren gets back in the ring. Titus throws Jimmy into the guard rail and Darren stomps at Jay inside the ring. Darren makes the tag to Titus who hits Jay with some quick power moves before he goes for the Clash of Titus. Darren stops Jimmy from making the save and PTP wins. Crowd boos them as they sneak up the ramp, Cole and Lawler selling their dirty win. We cut to backstage were we see referee Rob Zapata walking into the locker room. He asks the wrestlers inside the locker room if they have seen Dean Ambrose, who is scheduled to compete next. The wrestlers say Dean hasn’t shown up today. Zapata says they need someone to fill in for him in the next match against Santino, Tensai starts raising his hand but Michael McGillicutty beats him to it, Zapata double checks with Michael before heading off to set up the match. Michael heads out of the locker room to warm up, leaving the rest of the locker room to give a seething Tensai a wide berth. Lawler and Cole comment on the impromptu match as we go to commercial.

    PTP beats the Usos by pinfall

    Segment and match 3
    Show Spoiler
    We come back to the image of the Rock’s dressing room door. CM Punk and Paul Heyman walk up to it and Punk starts banging on it. “Open up Dwayne! Open up damnit!” Punk yells at the door. “Relax Punk, we’ll get to the bottom of this. You’ll get your title match just calm down.” “Good” says Punk, “Because I’ll get what I deserve, I am the best in the world!” Punk and Heyman stalk off as Jerry and Cole chuckle at the disgruntled Punk.

    We cut to the ring where Santino’s music comes on and Santino begins his entrance. Cole and Lawler brings up how Santino was supposed to face Dean Ambrose, who hasn’t shown up tonight. A recap is shown of Ryback vs Ambrose from last night at Wrestlemania, Ryback hitting the second Shell Shocked and getting the pin, breaking up the Shield by sending Rollins and Reigns to Smackdown, breaking up the Shield. Lawler mentions how nice it feels to no longer have to worry about the Shield causing havoc. And since Ambrose no-showed Santino has to face Michael McGillicutty instead. McGillicutty’s theme comes on and Michael comes out to boos. McGillicutty gets in the ring and Cole and Lawler question if he is ready for a match considering the short time he had to prepare.

    McGillicutty and Santino lock up and have an even start to the match, feeling each other out before starting to trade offence. McGillicutty starts taking control, forcing Santino into the corner where he hits a series of strikes to the head of Santino. Santino recovers and the two keep going evenly. Later on McGillicutty locks in a sleeper hold on Santino who manages to get a hand on the ropes after crawling from the center of the ring to the ropes. McGillicutty hits a running clothesline to Santino before hitting the McGillicutter and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Cole is shocked McGillicutty has been able to go head to head with Santino, Lawler is surprised he got a pin attempt in on the more experienced wrestler. McGillcutty goes for a second McGillicutter but Santino counters it and hits his signature diving headbutt. He then pulls out the cobra and hits the cobra for the three count. Cole and Lawler hype up Santino’s win but also commend McGillcutty on a good showing. McGillicutty rolls out of the ring and starts heading up the ramp when Tensai comes marching down the ramp. Tensai throws McGillicutty out his way into the guard rail before sliding in the ring. He grabs Santino and plants him with the chokebomb, before hitting the running senton. Tensai grabs a microphone and says “ I’m not done with you Santino. You made a fool out of me at the slammyawards in December; unluckily for you I know how to hold a grudge.” The segment ends with Cole and Lawler commenting on the attack as Tensai stands tall in the ring and McGillicutty looks on in shock from the ramp.

    Santino Marella defeated Michael McGillicutty by pinfall

    Match 4
    Show Spoiler
    We come back to commercials with Cole and Lawler recapping Tensai attacking Santino and say Santino is groggy but otherwise unharmed. They then ask us to watch the ring as the next match is about to start, Rey Mysterio, who announced on Twitter and earlier in the night that he would retire from in ring action after tonight due to his many lingering injuries, comes out to the ring. Rey cuts a promo on how he would have liked to have his final match with his apprentice, Sin Cara. But due to Cara still being out after Damian Sandow and Cody Rhodes injured him at the Elimination Chamber that is not possible. Thus he offers this match to any wrestler on the roster who feels up to it. The crowd and crew go silent, waiting to see who answers the challenge. Daniel Bryan’s theme hits and Bryan comes out, he heads to the ring and gets in it, locking eyes with Mysterio. The two lock up and the match starts. Cole and Lawler comment on how Bryan’s tag team partner for 7 months, Kane retired last night after losing to the Undertaker, they also wonder what will happen to Bryan after that and comment on Mysterio’s retirement. Bryan and Mysterio wrestle a technical, high flying match, Mysterio looking like the Rey of old. Rey hits a top rope hurricanrana on Bryan as well as a bronco buster and a headscissor DDT off the top rope whilst Bryan gets in a flying headbutt, the running knee of the ring apron and the Regal plex to Rey.

    The match slows down near the middle before quickening up again. Rey gets Bryan on the middle rope and connects with the 619. As Rey goes for the diving pin Bryan rolls him over and connects with a kick to the gut of Rey. Bryan hits the bridging Dragon Suplex on Rey and gets the 3 count. Bryan’s music starts playing but Bryan grabs a microphone and tells them to turn it off. “As much as I would like it this match isn’t about me, it’s about my opponent, the biggest little man in pro wrestling, Rey Mysterio. Rey, it was an honor wrestling in your final match, you’re a surefire hall of famer and to say that I faced Rey Mysterio will be one of my greatest memories.” Bryand and Mysterio shake hands and hug as Rey’s music hits. Bryan raises Rey’s arm in the air as Cole and Lawler comments on this showing of sportsmanship from the usually egotistical Bryan. Rey goes out into the crowd and shakes hands with the fans as Bryan applauds him from the ring. Suddenly Kane’s pyro goes off and Kane is standing on the ramp. Kane and Bryan lock eyes before Kane smiles, nods at Bryan and walks backstage. Bryan chuckles as Kane’s pyro goes off again but this time, he doesn’t shrug away from it like he usually would. Cole and Lawler just think the entire confrontation was weird.

    Daniel Bryan beat Rey Mysterio by pinfall

    Match 5
    Show Spoiler
    We are welcomed back by Cole and Lawler from commercials as Antonio Cesaro’s music comes on and Antonio walks out on the stage, waving old glory and with the United States title hanging around his waist. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. Antonio cuts a promo on his success at Wrestlemania. How he has reigned as United States champion since August and how he by doing so, not only raises the status of the title, but the country as a whole. Antonio drops the microphone and gets ready for his opponent. The man who comes out to face him is a debuting Jake Carter. Cole and Lawler hype him up as coming from an impressive pedigree, being the son of Vader. Jake and Antonio lock up and keep and keep a nice pace in the early going. Jake showcases a solid foundation with decent technical wrestling skills. Antonio reverses a side headlock and flips Jake to the ground before kicking him between his shoulder blades. Antonio stomps some on Jake but Jake rolls out of the way of a jumping knee drop. Jake Thez presses Antonio to the ground and delivers a series of punches. Antonio gets out from underneath him and takes control of the match. He hits Carter with his Swizz death European Uppercut. He then plants Carter with the Neutralizer and gets the 3 count.

    Cole and Lawler play up Antonio’s skill and dominance but also give Carter his due for not backing down from debuting against such an impressive champion. Antonio attacks Carter in the ring, stomping on the downed man to force him out of the ring. R-Truth comes out and helps Carter up to his feet and starts leading him up the ramp after having a staredown with his Wrestlemania opponent. As Truth and Carter get up the ramp Cesaro sneaks out of the ring and attacks Truth from behind, striking him over the head with the United States title, cracking the plate of the belt. Truth falls to the ground clutching his head, Carter lying beside him as Cesaro stand over the two men, holding the broken title belt in his hands. Cole and Lawler are shocked and are selling the strength of Cesaro. Cesaro walks up the ramp as Kofi Kingston and medical staff runs out to check on Truth and Carter. We go to commercials as the help Truth to a sitting position.

    Antonio Cesaro defeats Jake Carter by Pinfall

    Segment 6
    Show Spoiler
    Ric Flair comes back out on the stage, microphone in hand. Flair wishes to announce his and Rock’s plan. First he brings out John Cena. Cena comes out to his theme song and gets in the ring. Flair commends him on an impressive match last night at Wrestlemania. As he is about to announce his opponent CM Punk’s music comes on and Punk marches out on the stage. He says that he knows what game Flair is playing. He says that this most likely is a number one contender’s match, given to the WWE golden boy by the Rock out of respect. Punk says that He was in the same match as Cena last night and deserves the same opportunity. Flair tells Punk to calm down since he was supposed to call him out anyways so he might as well get in the ring as well. Punk gets in the ring and glares at Cena before turning back to Flair. Ric says that he and the Rock had planned on having a match to announce a returning star before their reveal, but with Punk cocking up the schedule they might as well do the reveal right away. The Rock comes out on the stage, WWE title in one hand and microphone in the other. He agrees with Flair and says that they might as well get it over with. Rock says that his schedule is filling up again, that as much as he loves the WWE, he has made a name for himself as an actor and thus needs to return to shooting movies and that he cannot represent the company in good conscience. Rock then says that he is vacating the WWE title and that next week; they will crown a new champion, in a six man elimination match. The crowd goes wild for this. Ric reveals that since Cena and Punk were in the WWE title match next week they were shoe in’s for this match and fills two of the spots. He says that the rest of the spots were filled by people on the roster that Rock felt worthy of a chance, and two special entries that Flair set up.

    Rock goes on to reveal the next man in the match as Ryback. Ryback’s theme comes on and he comes out to a massive pop as he marches to the ring. Ryback stares down Cena and Punk before turning back to the stage. The next reveal Rock says is a man that has already been in action tonight and has been stellar for more than a year. Daniel Bryan’s theme song comes on and Bryan comes out, he looks at the WWE title before walking down the ramp to massive yes chants, Lawler and Cole selling the impressiveness of the match. Flair says that the next man in the match walked away with a win last night at Wrestlemania and who said he was too good for Friday nights. Flair says he just cannot say no to the evolution of the business and Randy Orton comes out. The crowd boos as the Viper walks down the ramp; Lawler, Cole and the wrestlers in the ring are shocked, figuring that Randy would go for the World championship with him being the poster child for Smackdown. And Flair says that the last man was out for a long time on injury leave, but has finally found his a-game again. Mark Henry comes out and Cole and Lawler hype the return of the hall of pain. All six men are in the ring and Rock and Flair talk about the future of the WWE in the coming year and that the champion needs to represent the company well. Rock hands the title to Flair and walks out. Flair tells all six to prepare because next Monday will be one of the most important nights in their lives. As Flair heads backstage Punk strikes Cena in the back and starts stomping on the downed Cenation leader, Orton and Henry joining in on it. Cole and Lawler sells the intensity and chaos in the ring as Bryan and Ryback pull Orton and Henry away and a full on brawl ensues in the ring. Flair calls on security as wrestlers from the locker room comes out to pull the six apart, this doesn’t work though as the rest of the roster ends up brawling as well. The show ends with a full on brawl and security trying to stop it, Cole and Lawler trying to end the show in the chaos.

    No match due to interruption. Six man elimination match for the WWE title set for next week
  8. Good job man. I'd do something like this but I don't have the time. :jeritroll: Is your company hiring, maybe I could work under you?

    P.S. You should be a writer for WWE. :jeritroll:
  9. Awesome .... Where are the other threads ? Oh and when u mean monthly u mean that you will right one thread a month right ? I mean like one RAW a month
  10. Like:

    -Structure to the show, each segment is going somewhere, no fillers it seems.
    -Flair being GM
    -Brand split


    -Some of the wrestlers you have used.
    -Rock vacating the title would simply make the title look like crap.
    -No shield reference? No Rollins or Reigns mention at all?

    Nice one though, I'll be checking back next week.
  11. Then book your own universe. :vince:
  12. ... I'm pretty sure Stopspot appreciates feedback.
  13. -I decided to work with some seldom used wrestlers to see if I can book them into something interesting. Also focusing on the younger talent.
    -I'll be the first to admit I copped out on how to get rid of the Rock. Mainly because I don't want to write him since I don't have long term plans with him in this universe and I needed an excuse to get the title off of him.
    -I decided to prioritize. The fall of the Shield will show up later on and be referenced on Smackdown were Rollins and Reigns are now spending their time. I have plans for Ambrose and thus decided to take him off of "TV" for a while.

    Thanks for the quick review since it gives me a hint on what I need to look at/work on.
  14. Yeah go :crayo: is there any more "universes" from other users?
  15. The champ will have one, but i hardly doubt it will be anywhere near as good as what the other users could do. Only doing it to get some good cheap laughs for myself, and to make WWE what i would in my game, minus creating a character.
  16. Even if it sounds stupid , I liked the idea of the feud btween santino and tensai .... Just for the preshow or something ... Everyone should have some heat with another superstar on the roster ...
    But I didn't like the way u retired rey .. I mean , when he sais .. Anyone can come and changelle me ..... It would have been better to set up a small storyline or at least a reason ...oh and also te idea of kane overshadowing ret retirement ...
    But it was really fun to read :gusta:
  17. Yeah spot is creative as hell. Give it a shot dude? Its just a couple of hours or side work, hell do it while you watch tv or whatever random stuff like that goes on.
  18. Really enjoyed the show Stop. Interesting debuts and the 6-man Elimination Match sounds good.
  19. Seriously Stop, you should become a WWE writer.
  20. What these two fools above me said.
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