Storm helps out at NXT

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. They should lock him up as a head trainer for NXT for the wrestling aspect of things.
  2. Storm is an underrated performer. Everyone respects his ring work but he was an entertaining dude dating back to his WCW days when I first saw him.
  3. Storm teaching them how to wrestle, X-Pac teaching them how to snort coke
  4. Or at least teaching them how to do the DX-chop
  5. Isn't that what Billy Gunn is supposed to be doing?
  6. Guess he'll be on the road a bit more often for a few months.

    But yeah, Storm is a good guy to help down there.
  7. Always enjoyed Storms work and his catchphrase "if i can be serious for a minute"
  8. True that, I always found it a shame they felt the need to go down the boring route with that Austin segment. It was funny but that stereotype seems to have stuck with Lance now. Whilst never an enthralling promo cutter his anti american shit in WCW was a heat magnet and I'm guessing his monotone voice played into that. Apparently he was really fun in real life aswell, it's a shame he never transferred that over.
  9. Have fond memories of Lance Storm and his ability as mentioned was huge. Hope he helps some of those kids down there out.
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