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  1. After weeks and weeks of getting into Sanada's head and Storm calling Sanada a choker and questioning the Great Muta as Sanada's mentor, Sanada finally choked, losing the X Division title to Austin Aries on July 10th. And losing the rematch on July 17th.

    And then this awesome thing happens on July 24th, when Sanada's mentor and teacher, the Great Muta arrived to TNA in NYC:

    Sanada turns on Great Muta, and his new mentor and best friend is none other than the good old "Cowboy" James Storm.

    I absolutely fucking loved the way this whole thing was done, it was fantastic: from backstage segments, Storm slapping Sanada, Great Muta being questioned, Sanada choking after Aries kicked out of his moonsault (nobody ever kicked out of it before Aries) and then ultimately losing that same match, then Sanada even losing the rematch and getting cocky and arrogant, for finally Sanada to stop being a pussy and getting his heat and edge back by blindsiding and hitting the Great Muta with a chair, and practically betraying his own country of Japan.

    Gotta agree with this statement:


    Since BFG is in Japan in October, I expect to see Storm & Sanada team up to take on the Great Muta & ??? in what should be a great PPV grudge match. Build up to that should also be good.
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  2. Hmm, I haven't seen the segment yet (will do soon when I watch Impact) but I can see Storm & Sanada vs The Great Muta & Joe. Reason being is Joe protected Muta from the bad guys in the Japan PPV a while ago and it looks like they would be good friends and Joe would love to kick some ass. Although if he wins the X-Division title, I'm sure he would defend that instead... hmm...

  3. Storm is fucking awesome
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  4. Why did James Storm do what he did? Because he is awesome and what he did would be awesome. 2 + 2 =4
  5. I'm glad storm seems to have got freshened up. I havent watched in ages in all honesty but he was spinning his wheels for a long time in his face role
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  6. He's actually a great face worker, but you summed it up quite well.
    The TNA faithful are ready for a Bully Ray type face character right now, as opposed to the Cowboy.
  7. be more active pls, this section lacks some IQ like yours
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  8. He can be a solid face don't get me wrong him chasing Roode was a fantastic arc but he just floated around after that, It's not even Storm's fault for me he can fill the antihero role Bully does very well but they never seemed to really go through with it. He needs to have a feud which is personal for it to really work for him as a singles guy, he's not a guy who you build a superficial story around.

    Also I've got to post this after mentioning Roode vs Storm -

    I'll spoiler this as it's potentially NSFL (BOB Van Dam in TNA :eww:
    Show Spoiler

    I'll be more active on the forum in general nowadays so yeah I'll hit up TNA more often.
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  9. What is friendship, always makes my day. Hell, a week!

    Chatting with you about TNA, posting random videos - old days were great on this place.
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  10. in **** of your braindead sister
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. words cannot describe how hard i just laughed.
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  13. Good angle.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. Good camera angle. Good move by Angle as well
  16. there's even better angles


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  17. Dude should have been on Jackass, he would have outdone them all.
  18. Rednecks are great for wrestling.
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