Storm to turn heel?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by King Taz, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. I started this topic elsewhere and thought I would post it here too. I think TNA is hinting towards Storm turning heel with a possibly feud with gunner. Do you think this will happen? I think it is a wrong move personally as Storm is a well established Face that turning him heel would be a bad move. I believe Styles coming back is going to make him top face, but they need Storm as an upper mid card face
  2. I have a feeling that's were TNA is taking Storm, but I'm just not sure on whether or not turning Storm heel would be a good move. Would I like to see him turn heel? I guess so, it would be a refreshing change of character. But, does TNA need another midcard heel right now? I'd go with no, he'd be better off staying in the tag division with Gunner. Besides, I've never really been a fan of Storm's singles matches(Well, other than his matches against Roode).
  3. Seems like the way they are going. Storm is gonna put over Gunner, in theory that is the sound thing to do since it is a established TNA guy putting over a new one. But I can also see the issues with it. TNA is lacking in the face department right now, AJ is "out", Joe is Joe so TNA is only gonna do something proper with him once every blue moon. Hardy is Hardy with all his sideprojects and E-young and Parks are comedy acts. Storm was one of the few faces in the company that really gets the crowd going (big ups to his catchphrase) alongside Angle, Aries and Anderson, whilst the heel side of the roster is more stacked and is gonna continue to grow.

    Having Storm put over Gunner is good business, but should probably have been saved for down the line when it was more even between faces and heels.
  4. Pretty much what spot said. Storm will be "heel" but I only see it pertaining to him vs Gunner, and Gunner will win. Storm is going to get his ass kicked after, and go back to face. Honestly all I see this as, is a stretch to keep him on TV, TNA is already filled with heels, and he was one of the few face's left, although I dont expect this to last past the Genesis PPV on TV deal. After that he will take a break, and probably come back sometime after AJ's return.
  5. That is a good point to make. I don't think he'll turn face straight after Gunner though. I imagine will roll with Storm as heel for a bit, realize the mistake and turn him face
  6. haha i wouldn't be surprised, i just expect him to job badly at genesis, get shit on by Roode as always, and take a month+ off before coming back as the same face he did earlier this year. My baby girl blah blah, I know i missed out on beer money but IDGAF about storm, i could take him or leave him, and I see him taking up time on TV as time taken away from the Xdivision, hence why we are seeing DJ Ion.
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  7. You not loving DJ Zema? Loving him side with the Bro-Mans, but there is a lack in the X-division I agree, and I believe Ace's took that Tv time up for months
  8. I love DJ Zema, he just needs to get in the ring and do his work, dude is awesome.

    Yeah BFG and aces & 8s/ MEM have taken up most of the time, i forgave but we are talking weeks later and Sabin is just a shitty bitch heel who has the title still, it makes no damn sense. Hogan must have been the only one big on Perkins, they really built him up to forget about him asap.
  9. It does seem to be the plan. I'm not a big fan of it though, I suppose Storm can do a very good heel but I'm a fan of his work as a face and he's quite good at it.
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  10. Well, the tag team of Storm & Gunner was created to give Gunner a rub, in the end.

    How are they gonna do it, with Storm as a face or Storm as a heel, I don't know. TNA is hinting at a heel Storm, and I for one would love to see it, Storm can be badass mofo. One the other hand, I'd also love to see Storm re-build as the new #1 babyface that he CAN be. Whatever it ends up being, I hope Storm (and Gunner for that matter) gets a re-newed push, because he's really talented.

    One thing I noticed is that Gunner already gained some rub as it was Storm taking pinfalls in all of their losses, and Gunner pinning the dudes when they were winning matches.
  11. #1 face? Can he? he could be top 3
  12. Gotta agree with Aids. I don't see Storm being able to pull of being the number one guy in the company. He can easily be a number 2 or 3 guy. One of the corner stone main players, but not THE guy of the company.
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  13. He was great this summer, granted it was tag teams, but he still did really well by himself or in group promos. AJ is top face, period. Dixie will be heel for a while, and I'm hoping Bully comes back when EC3 gets his random shot and needs to be lower on the card. Dixie/bully vs AJ would be great for me, he can talk for himself while she stands next to him.

    I 100% believe Angle is going to winthe tourney, but have no faith/hope in him facing AJ, as AJ is going to have to face a Roode to really have the match you would hope for.
  14. Stupid decision to turn Storm heel. Considering Gunner and Storm coulda been good competition for The Bromans. Way to go TNA. Who they going to feud with after Park/EY?
  15. I saw Storm can be #1 when he won the WHC in 2011, even if it lasted two weeks. My opinion.
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  16. I also feel like Storm could be the #1 guy, I don't know. When Hardy was running around as World champ I looked at Storm and I thought he could be that guy. Very charismatic, can cut a good promo and can work, the dude is over and all. I think he has it in him.
  17. I'd prefer Storm than Hardy as the #1 guy. But let's all get serious here for a minute. When, and if EVER they decide to break up the Bromans (which would be a stupid idea bro), we all know Robbie E could be a #1 guy
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