Storm's Revolution Grows: Aries Vows to Fight

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 5, 2014.

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    James Storm is something of a terrifying character out of a movie these days. For weeks, he promised a revolution was coming and that he was headed back to the top of the TNA pack. Then, he seemingly (brainwashed)… Err, created The Great Sanada, who has been a transformed man since aligning with Storm. This week on IMPACT, things to another very strange turn.

    After the X-Division #1 Contender’s match ended, Storm and Sanada appeared. Slowly moving toward the ring, no one knew what to expect from the duo. Were they upset that Sanada had been left out of the #1 Contender’s match? No… The pair devastated Manik – and then drug his body out of the Manhattan Center. From there, it is unclear what happened with Manik. However, using the transformation of Sanada as the example, one has to assume that a similar fate occurred.

    What is it that James Storm plans to do with these men? How does this “Revolution” affect the rest of TNA’s landscape? And, most importantly, what part do Manik and The Great Sanada play in James Storm’s rise back to the top of IMPACT?

    While those questions remain unanswered, we heard from another man who faced the brunt of Sanada and Storm in recent weeks this week. Austin Aries took the ring on Wednesday, outraged that James Storm interfered in his matchup against Sanada. Aries didn’t come alone either, bringing another of The Great Muta’s proteges with him: the Japanese Buzzsaw TAJIRI!

    So, confirmed for next week, it will be James Storm and The Great Sanada squaring off against Austin Aries and Tajiri in tag team action. If we can offer up one piece of advice to Aries and Tajiri, be on the lookout for whatever craziness Storm’s Revolution may bring… especially if that comes in the form of a transformed Manik!


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