Story of Manti Te'o girlfriend a hoax

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  2. Read it while deucing all over my toilet today. Fuck Notre Dame, and :lol1: is all i can say. People are so shitty, honestly.
  3. shit is hilarious
  4. Missed the entire story, after countless AJ Lee/Claire Lynch love angles I cba to bother with one in real sports. :tough:

    What on earth happened? Saw this and have no idea how on earth you could pull off such an elaborate scheme.
    Yeah, it's horrible, but you can't help but love how someone was able to pull this shit off.
  5. Unfortunately I think what made this easier to pull off was due to it being an online relationship. In some of these instances it's hard to know who you're getting yourself involved in. I feel terrible for him since he was hurt in such a terrible way. I hope he's able to grow and learn from this experience.
  6. :pity1:

    He was in on the hoax you dope.
  7. I'm fairly certain it is to cover up the fact that he is gay

    Just not sure why he went so over the top elaborate with the story lol. He should be a WWE writer with that creativity.
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  8. Sure doesn't seem that way. Thanks for calling me names though. :nope:
  9. The saddest thing to come from this story is the death of sports journalism, and even journalism in general.

    EV-ER-Y FU-CK-ING outlet ran with this story. ALL OF THEM. Before the NCG CBS had a piece on the national evening news. ESPN covered it 24/7. NOBODY EVER DID THEIR DUE DILIGENCE AS A JOURNALIST TO LOOK INTO THIS 'GF'. Pathetic.

    Not sure about what the ESPN link entailed but here is the original and full article from Deadspin
  10. No problem, dope.

    He has already been caught in multiple lies since this news broke. You need to read more on the subject if you buy into his "I was hoaxed!" bullshit
  11. Thanks will do.
  12. Sorry about calling you a dope. I can be a little abrasive sometimes.
  13. It's alright.
  14. If it is a hoax, it'll come out eventually.
  15. It is a hoax. It came out today. Deadspin broke the news
  16. Ha, just heard about this. Actually laughed for a little bit, and now don't care. I don't believe the garbage the mass media feeds me, so i'm never surprised when stuff like this comes out.
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  17. lol @ this
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