Story Time with Rocky!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. :otunga: This segment was so great.. This actually made my day when he was talking about the crack head walking into the bar and trying to sell a Blue beat up Thunderbird to people in the bar. Rocky actually bought the car and there was another crack head in the car hahahahah! Then he ditched the car at Burger King and walked home.. That's so fucking hilarious. Then Punk ruined it. Lame. :nogusta:
  2. Rock is better when he cuts comical material; it was a good promo.
  3. Is it actually true? :hmm:
  4. Would've preferred something that has to do with the product instead of 20 minutes of random stories followed by "oh, let's not forget I'll wrestle Punk on Sunday, I'll kick your ass Punk" :meh:
  5. It was an entertaining story, but a waste of time on a go home show IMO. That story didn't progress the feud at all. It could have worked a little better if he said the crackhead looked like Punk, but I digress.
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  6. If true, I agree.
  7. This.
  8. I thought the segment was great, and The Rock has always cut promos like this. For example, he would tell stories about driving down know your role blvd and checking into the smackdown hotel. He did tie in punk at the end as well. It's just getting to the point where people are going to hate everything he says, or doesn't say. Does or doesn't do. I'm just happy I enjoy them both, and love how the rock is still the rock and punk is great as usual.
  9. I'm a huge Rock mark, but thought it was too personal of a story, that didn't enhance the feud, to be told on the show before, the PPV before WM.
  10. As I said before, it was a good funny promo but what did it do for the Punk/Rock feud which has already had limited build going into EC? Not just that, but this was the go-home show. I think 3/4 of his promo talking about a crackhead he dealt with once doesn't help Punk or anything. However, it was better than his recent crap so I'm fine with it. Rock/Punk will sell anyway and Punk doesn't really need anyone to put him over as he's on fire.
  11. Remember this is Face rock, and he's always done promos like that in a joking manner, and then tied in the opponent at the end. You don't think the crackhead story had anything to do with punk? I'm not trying to insult your intellegence but that was a clear jab at punk the entire time, and ended with him calling him out, which led to Punk taking the title. Story progressed fine to me.
  12. Lol no it wasn't Danielson... :urm:

    It was a story relating to the city he was in, that's it. It had nothing to do with Punk. He didn't even use it to suddenly talk about Punk either. Once again I'm not hating but the story had nothing to do with anything, but it was funny.
  13. I'm sure it was, but IMO he should have been more direct for this particular RAW. If he did this promo last week, I'd have nothing to say.
  14. I mean, you can interpret it anyway you want, but i'm fairly sure he didn't just randomly bring up crack without it having to do with previous weeks when he called Punk a crackhead.

    I know you're not hating but I know you didn't like his "I did it for the people" promo after winning the belt, and now when he brings back classic rock telling stories you didn't like much either. So maybe you just really like Punk
  15. What should he have said, he told a funny story (which i believe had to do with punk being a crackhead look alike, at least a connection somehow) He touched on how heyman/punk hugged it out and dissed on them. He said he will beat him up or w/e Punk came down took the belt. I thought it was a great lead up to EC as a whole. I mean who is coming to EC with the belt? Punk or Rock. That's sweet
  16. First part: He was talking about the CITY. This was a true story, it's not random material he wrote in the back. The crackhead part was a real crackhead, and once again it had nothing to do with Punk or he would have at least acknowledged it and not relied on analysts to make of it what they will.

    Second part: I expected more of you Danielson. I'm so tired of seeing people resort to low accusations and presumptions because of a disagreement. I have said multiple times I enjoyed the promo. It was funny, unlike his crappy "I love you people" he has been dishing out. I am just agreeing with Senhor that it did nothing for the feud and should have perhaps been cut a week earlier and not on the go-home show. I don't see why you're so defensive, I love both Rock and CM Punk.
  17. Okay first part You really believed that story? That he was 14 years old and bought a car from a crack dealer?

    Second: I wasn't accusing you of anything at all.
  18. That story was in his book that came out a decade ago, he could be lying about it, but its been a consistent lie.
  19. Whether I believe it or not has no relevance... You really believe he cut a promo that has to be analysed word for word to see if it relates to his opponent? That's not Rock's style... It was a story about the city he was in, that's it. It was funny, but not really necessary. Who cares anyway? It won't really effect the buy-rate; it's just a small critique that we have. I would have preferred something to make the build even better considering the lack of time they had. I'm sure you can take that even if it is against Rock.

    Second: "I know you're not hating but I know you didn't like his "I did it for the people" promo after winning the belt, and now when he brings back classic rock telling stories you didn't like much either. So maybe you just really like Punk" - That's what I am talking about. It puts me off discussing anything about The Rock with you dude.
  20. I was under the impression he grew up in Miami Flordia and not tennessee. I thought the story was fictional tbh.
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