Storyline Update On Triple H’s Status

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 24, 2012.

  2. Interesting..Very Interesting.
  3. I'm sure he'll come back, open a big can of whoop-ass.
  4. Sigh, this is just leading to a "legendary" return from someone no one really cares about any more. I'm sorry, but he's done, end it ffs.
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  5. No one cares? He's an icon in the eyes of the casuals lol. He can still go to an extent and cut decent promos, he has a spot on the roster on a part time basis similar to Taker and Brock IMO.
  6. Have you not watched his promos? Every one is confronted by silence. He got "you tapped out" chants from the casuals who see him as an "idol". No one literally cares any more.
  7. He'll probably be back in time to beat Lesnar at Survivor Series. Even though I'm a fan, I don't like the fact that HHH keeps going up against other established guys instead of putting someone over, but OK, I like his matches/promos.
  8. I saw him get big pops during the build up with Brock and before, sure he got the you tapped chants but he also got some big pops along the way.



    Start of video.

    People still care about him, you know my opinion on him is as negative as yours in a lot of instances but to say people see Trips as anything other than a legend has to be questionable at least. He gets some pops mid promo also, not to mention his build up to the HIAC with Taker which produced a really enjoyable match.
  9. I was more talking about his promos beforehand, anyone can get heat against Brock atm because somehow Brock is a heat machine. I say somehow because I thought Brock would be the type of wrestler who returned who could never get heat again because of how global, mainstream and talented he is. HHH v Taker for example, most of his promos were met with silence, quite rare when you're up against someone like Taker. I'm not saying he's not a legend, despite my hate for him still competing he's nothing less than a legend, people just care less about him competing now as they did, that's my opinion anyway.

    I was shocked at the "You tapped out" chants, I guarantee Taker would never have got those if he tapped to Brock.
  10. I was also somewhat surprised with the "You Tapped Out" chants, it was an interesting walkout which was supposed to be received with respect and cheers from the crowd instead of those chants. I guess there were a few smarks there, possibly. At least they cheered him in the end, otherwise it would've been a total fail (HHH leaving the ring).
  11. Hope HHH retires :bury:
  12. Not funny Vincent, I hope Kane retires.
  14. Not until you take your comment back.
  15. Both of you take it back, whatever you two said.
  16. The comments are literally above this.
  17. :haha:

    okay i take it back
  18. Well I take my comment back!
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