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  1. I could write a better WWE storyline in 5 minutes then WWE can in months.

    Here's how you fix this stuff.....

    Dean Ambrose wins the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania

    Triple H Vs Sting at Wrestlemania and the agreement is if Triple H wins, Sting is banned from the WWE for life. If Sting wins, Daniel Bryan is entered into the title match.

    In the triple threat match, Daniel Bryan vs Roman vs Brock....... you have Dean Ambrose come out to try and help out his friend Roman Reigns... Dean ends up making a mistake and costing Roman his chance on accident.. Bryan wins the title.

    Afterwords Roman turns on Ambrose (perfect heel turn opportunity)

    Roman/Ambrose feud over the intercontinental title for awhile to build them up even more (this is what they did with Stone Cold and Rock and it worked great until they were ready for a real title push)

    So, to recap.....

    Ambrose wins IC title...

    Bryan gets entered into match after Sting beats Triple H.......

    Bryan wins title.

    Reigns turns heel and sets up a feud with Ambrose
  2. Didn't mean to agree. Stupid thing. Any way, I disagree completely.
  3. El Torito Vs. Hornswoggle is better booked than the shit you wrote. It's easier on paper, but try booking this shit throughout the year.
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  4. Ok well then you guys come up with a better storyline....
  5. I can't write a better storyline because I can't please every single fan. This is a better storyline in your mind, but I found it dumb because it actually sounded dumb to me. Understand? You can't please everyone. It can be well booked, but basically your booking was outright dumb.
    Why is Sting fighting for Daniel Bryan? He can fight his own battles.
    Why would Daniel Bryan deserve a spot in the Championship match? So many questions, no answers provided.
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    Yeah no triple threat this year for DB. As much as I enjoy watching the guy, if the WWE gave in every time the fans throw a fit because he didn't win he would be just another Cena shoved down our throats.
  7. Wasn't the reason people pissed off is because Bryan didn't win the rumble? People are mad cuz Bryan doesn't get the chance to get back the title he never lost
  8. What would of been good is they saved Bryans return for the Rumble and he wins it so it's david vs goliatch, bryan vs lesnar
  9. We had that whole thing last year of Bryan vs the Authority. Over and over and over again. What is wrong with something a little different? Nothing at all you may want Bryan to win the title and more then likely hold the title till he dies in that ring. That would make for a very boring title run.
  10. Ok so going by your logic the RR was the only chance for him to get a title shot again uh? You must have the ability to see into the future, if so can I have the loto numbers for the next mega millions?
  11. LOL @ Ambrose going for the IC title at Mania, as well as Reigns and Ambrose feuding over that title. Sorry, bro.

    Ambrose should be booked against Rollins at Mania. Ambrose needs to go over at WM 31. While Rollins should cash in that same night on the new champion, Roman Reigns. And then we get Reigns/Rollins feud and ultimately we get the former Shield feud with Ambrose joining in.
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  12. That's one of the few other thoughts I had about Bryan not winning the RR. See how they boo'd last night imagine if he won the main event only to have Rollins cash in and win the title off him right afterwards. There would be stuff thrown from the crowd like never before.
  13. So getting his rematch equates to winning the rumble how?
    It'd be better to save him as a surprise entrant, but if he wasn't ever penciled to win, he shouldn't have been in the match.
    If Lesnar/Bryan were to happen, it'd happen at Summerslam 2014.
    You're not good at booking, bro.
  14. Bryan winning the ME at WM 31, only to get cashed in on by Mr. MITB draws some mega heat on Rollins - It's good for business.

    And I don't have a problem with Bryan not winning the Rumble, I just have a problem with how he was eliminated. Reigns winning the RR sits well with me.
    It's laughable how they wanna grill the guy who was simply doing his job. Because I would've refused Vince's offer to win the Rumble and go on to headline WM, too. LOL

    So, whoever winds up being the champ at WM 31, I hope to God they let Rollins cash in on him that same night. Whether it's Reigns, or Brock or Bryan (if he somehow miraculously ends up being in the match), then Rollins successfully cashing in would be dope.

  15. I'm in the same boat, if they gave him a better showing it may have sit easier with the crowd and we wouldn't have all the Bryan fan-boys screaming at us. I work with someone who was up in arms. More then likely Rollins will cash in on who wins the title and walk out that night the champ and I'd be fine with that as I think a Bryan vs Rollins would be a far better match up then Bryan vs Lesnar.
  16. There's no doubt in my mind Bryan would become the WWE-WHC again, it's just that the way he was eliminated at the Rumble annoyed the hell outta me and clearly annoyed the crowd.
    It was obvious either Reigns or Bryan were gonna be the winners. Heck, if Bryan wasn't in the Rumble, Reigns was gonna win it anyway.

    But yeah, I think Rollins vs Bryan may really happen, whereas Bryan vs Lesnar should've happened last year at SummerSlam, had Bryan not suffered an injury. But, oh well.

    Here's to hoping Rollins cashes in at Mania, baybay!
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