Storylines or Wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. What type of fan are you? Are you the type of fan who just wants to see lots of good wrestling, and more spotlight actually on the wrestling. Or are you the type of the fan who is willing to sacrifice good frequent wrestling for good storylines?

    inb4 both.
  2. A bit of both.

    I like greatly written storylines and promos but I also think that any great story needs to involve quality in ring as well. Either from a technical or psychological perspective to help carry the story in ring. If I watch a story which involve two great talkers but who can't wrestle I will still enjoy but not as much as if they could also deliver in ring and vice versa.
  3. A well played storyline with a great match afterwards.

    I miss the big backstage segment which payed a huge role like 5 years ago.

    You don't see them too often now, just a random interview or some of that.

    I like it when it goes ''personal''. Like HHH/Orton a few years ago. HHH trying to catch Orton backstage and in his house.
  4. Storytelling helps progress feuds and makes the match way better than it's supposed to.
  5. I dig a match with a story above anything else currently tbh, the actual storyline going into the match I don't really care about if that makes sense. So yeah currently it's great wrestling.
  6. For me a well-written storyline can make a match that much better. Of course I'll take a great match without a lot of build-up but the storyline is like icing on the cake. It can make the match that much more meaningful.
  7. I prefer them to tell a better story, to explain the motivation and back story behind a Feud. As opposed to 2 guys just going at it for no reason D:!
  8. Obviously a mixture of both is preferable but if I'd have to pick one I'd go with wrestling and it's not even close. Whenever asked these questions, I resort to thinking about what it'd be like without on of the options. Without wrestling we'd have storylines that never truly get any form of payoff. Whereas, without storylines we'd still have the contents of a good wrestling match, and also, wrestling is storytelling. Hell, several of my favorite matches tell better stories than a lot of WWE's storylines.
  9. Pro Wrestling as a whole works with a successful combination of both.

    I can take a good/great match without any real backstory, but a solid build going into it makes it that much better and meaningful. It can certainly take what would be a dull match otherwise and make it into a meaningful contest that you look forward to. How boring would an epic encounter between Hogan and Andre be if you had no idea who they were or what their conflict was about before watching the match? In order to get the masses to care about the match in the ring, it has to involve people you care about and conflicts you want to see resolved through a a match or fight of some kind. There's a ring in the middle of the arena for a reason. 99.9% of promos or segments that go on in the ring or outside of it are eventually supposed to lead to a match that people pay to see.
  10. Got to be both. The storylines help build to the big matches building the excitement. Thats where WWE suffers sometimes as there midcard dont always get a decent story like they used too.
  11. I'll take storyline over wrestling because for me. The build up just makes the match so much greater.
  12. Better to see a mediocre match that builds/finishes a good storyline than seeing a good match with no point.
  13. Hard to say, but I guess I'd have to go with wrestling. I mean matches like Bryan/Punk will always be entertaining, regardless of the storyline.
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  14. I would chose Wrestling. As @deth said, a match can be epic without a storyline. Example:- CM Punk vs Jericho on RAW. It was 2 weeks after Rumble. Though they had history during the lead up to Mania, this match didn't have much storyline.
  15. If I had to choose one over the other...damn I don't think I can. If it was like that I think I wouldn't be watching wrestling :haha: Wrestling by itself is fine and dandy, but if the storylines suck, I don't think I would be able to watch because it would just get boring after a while. I think I could tolerate not having a storyline more because then it just becomes a good TV show with really bad fight scenes. I guess the storyline aspect is more important to me. For example McMahon/Austin was more storyline than wrestling. We all know McMahon can't wrestle, but I think it was the build up that led to the match was what sold that entire feud and it's one of the best feuds I can remember.

    Lolz I just made up my mind. Storylines > Wrestling
  16. To be honest, it mostly depends on the wrestlers involved. If they are the type of wrestlers that can pull of a 5 star match in any show, than hell, I will prefer their wrestling ability than rather their storyline promos. But if the wrestlers aren't good enough, than I would be interested to see what they can deliver on the mic and how they can build up a feud.
  17. I watch wrestling for wrestling thats what it should be about not love triangles etc.
  18. If you guys want just wrestling than go watch Wrasslin matches.
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