Storylines they just dropped....

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  1. This will probably be a long thread as they've dropped some potentially epic storylines over the years. I'll start with the Nexus' bigger picture and the anonymous Raw GM. From any era.
  2. Most recently, "she" in Jericho's return. The conspiracy story-line.

    Both very recent.
  3. Yeah or else seabs I can't be miz :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Vince biting it when the limo exploded

    Vince's hip exploding when the production set fell on him when he was giving away $.... "Paul, Paul..." lol

    and of course... Montreal '97 Shawn Michaels beat Bret... but Bret was nowhere to be seen the next night ...wha happened?

    All these incidents revolve around Vince. Why on earth would Vince be screaming a guy named Paul.... when Triple H is looking right at him?
  5. there wasnt any she lmao
  6. In the promos hyping his return there was hence why this is in dropped storylines as it had hints it was going that way.
  7. no lmfao. It was just a rumour.
  8. Omfg how dumb are you?

  9. dont scream like a kid.:austin:

    There was no she.
  10. Anonymous GM,
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  11. Just been looking at some old shit on YouTube and does anyone remember GTV? Did that actually get an explanation? Also who raised the briefcase at KOTR 99?
  12. Christian being Edge's younger brother
  13. GTV was originally gonna be revealed as the work of Goldust (was even originally called GDTV.) But he quit or got fired, and they didn't find a good replacement so they just dropped it altogether. And I figured the anonymous GM would end up the same way.
  14. Ashly In think the she in the It Begins Video was sopost to reseced CM Punk!
  15. We all thought that too until it continued on how she knew when he was returning, she controls him etc.
  16. there wasnt any she, it was just a rumour.
  17. For the last time, it was in a official WWE return vignette. IT'S NOT A RUMOUR. JESUS.


  18. 15 seconds in "When she tells us".
  19. I always thought that was just part of Jericho's whole "troll" act when he came back.
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