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  1. Question of the day - What was the last storyline that you were invested in?
    Explain Reasoning too.

    Note: Can't be CM Punk's Shoot Promo

    Mine would have to be La Familia.

    It Starred:

    - Edge
    - Vickie Guerrero
    - Curt Hawkins
    - Zack Ryder
    - Chavo Guerrero
    - Bam Neely
    - The Big Show

    The storyline was very good in my opinion. It nearly lasted 2 years which made it good and it had a good plot. Like Vickie Guerrero screwing everyone, Undertaker being banned, the affairs, ect.

    What about yours?
  2. None after that?

    -The potential conspiracy angle with a rumoured kliq return just a few months ago.
    -Rock returning for Cena story-line
  3. i would say the Miz's rise to the WWE championship. It wasn't perfect but he cut some epic promos such as the one on MVP. Plus it was a nice twist on the childhood dream when you learned about his background.
  4. Definitely, that was world class.
  5. Definitely, one of my favourites. Although, as @[seabs] says, Miz's rise to the WWE Championship was good, not brilliant, but good.
  6. Miz deserves more credit. When it was Rock/Cena/Miz in the ring at the same time, who delivered the best promo? Miz.
  7. I was more invested in La Familia than any other storyline. Nexus died quickly and so did CM Punk's push.
  8. Nexus was still such an epic story-line, so wasted though. At first you must of been fully into it?
  9. I was until Thursday came and they released Bryan.
  10. That's when you became uninterested? Seriously? Nexus got better as it went along until the super-team squashed them.
  11. My favorite story likne was with big Viscera and the ring announcer dating.. Epic.

    I also like the CM Punk/John Cena skit.
  12. Cena vs Punk was great actually aswell, forgot about that. Since HHH stole it.
  13. The fake Teddy Long death at 'Edge & Vickies wedding' :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Well actually until Summerslam or so.
  15. Nexus was the most dominate group of people ever in the WWE. Except for Team Lesnar.
  16. What about Evolution?
  17. Actually, Evolution was I think.
  18. I can see RKO's point though. I preferred the booking of Nexus as the dominant stable. They used to interrupt random matches because they could.
  19. The last storyline I was invested in was with Evolution. I had great times with them. Didn't have a weak link in the group, all had the desire to succeed, all had the desire to beat my ass.

    Reason: Because they hated me.