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  1. why hasnt anyone thrown stossels name into hat for president. this lad knows his shit. at the end of the day its a lad life so its his choice. simple as that. we shouldnt have a governmant telling us how to live our lives.

    i used to like that michael moore lad. but hes to self rightious. bit like aids jackson and other vacous lads on here.

    anyone else like stossel?
  2. I think you have had one to many of the old wife beater my good lad as your are talking bollocks.
  3. john stossel lads. work on your knowledge

    the lad talks a lot of sence. as he said himself. my life my choice.
  4. I googled him, found him getting clocked by a wrestler for calling wrestling fake.

    And he also looks like a pedophile...

    NSFW (open)
  5. Aids Jackson lol
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  6. The president of what? lol
  7. That moustache is epic, I'm in.
  8. why have u got a bear as your pic

    get a beer down ya.
  9. Eh?
  10. Stay off the WKD you mincher.
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