Strahan. Miz. Titus

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. probably the worst thing I've ever seen. enough said.
  2. oh. a 7 on 7 divas elimination match.

    make it the 2nd worst thing I've ever seen
  3. Stop watching this show. Please. Save what's left of your sanity.
  4. It took me 10 minutes to realise he wasn't the guest host. It's not like Titus has been getting much TV time lately and I'd never heard of Strahan. Lame segment.
  5. It was very random and didn't make any sense. It was a very odd pairing to say the least. Titus hasn't been in the ring much so it seemed like an excuse to use him and give him exposure. I think they used The Miz due to his USA Network movie that's coming out soon so they probably want to market him as much as possible. I'm sure they let Strahan attack them for some cheap pops from the crowd that probably had tons of Giants fans in it. Overall it was just a dumb segment to fill time on a Raw that's too long.
  6. You know me better than this. I put it on so I could have something to fall asleep to last night.

    Seeing WWE try to turn Cena into the good guy out of the crowd burying every segment with Daniel Bryan chants was funny though
  7. It really made no sense. Mostly due to the way they were talking about hip tosses. Miz's use of the word stiff. Idk, terrible.

    I think they used Titus because he played football at UF. Yea, WWE is on some next level shit
  8. I found this segment to just be awkward. Nothing much else to add than that, except that Strahan also wasn't much of a guest host given that he was only involved in like two whole segments on the whole show (though I guess I should be thankful for that.)
  9. The Daniel Bryan chants? That was awesome, yeah.

    Dolph's, one of the reasons why I've been spamming the NFL section lately was that I like you guys, hate the locker room, and don't want to talk about WWE. Seriously, you and I should be in some sort of "biggest hater" contest right now if there's anyway to do it. I've got enough haterade flowing through my veins for 3 men. But somehow, someway, some optimism slipped through the cracks. Raw Country was inoffensive and pretty much pointless outside of an easily mutable segment, so doing something pointless with Strahan oughta be tons of fun because dude's awesome. First bit of optimism I had (for something not involving Punk and Bryan) in months, and they give us this. Felt betrayed. Felt like they were saying "That'll teach you to have hope for this show! Muhahahahaha"! Lesson learned.
  10. No, I'm saying Cena came out and pandered to the crowd like "I GET WHAT THEY ARE CHANTING DANIEL BRYAN FOR!!!" which was lame to me.

    I'm not even a WWE hater at this point, I'm just indifferent. The product isn't interesting enough to draw me in during a time when I have plenty of other shit to watch. Come January I will tune in like always, its just the cycle I go through
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    Agreed,that segment was just abysmal.
    Heck,besides the opening match,and the whole Daniel Bryan getting kidnapped segment RAW was a pain to sit through.
  12. Wasn't there some line about how the fans were cheering for Daniel Bryan because they were tired of Triple H? That's amazing.
  13. What the hell are they doing with The Miz by the way? I thought he turned heel recently? But on RAW he seemed like a babyface to me, dancing with Titus and Strahan at the end of the segment? What the fuck WWE?
  14. ...I'll probably enjoy TNA this week moreso because of how terrible RAW was over anything. It was just horrible to deal with over the course of the entire night. the DB/CM promo before the match was shit, I have 0 clue why Wyatt didn't get to promo before the match, as it could have been 100x better and plant the seed for taking DB, but it was just all so bad. Cena vs Orton will be okay but the build will be so, so bad. Thank god it's only 2 more raw's and 3 smackdowns until TLC is over with. The random matches from Survivor Series will be nothing compared to the shit we are going to see up until/during TLC.
  15. That segment was........... :eww:
  16. If you say the title of the thread without pausing, it sounds like a horrible disease.

    Strahanmiztitus :eww:
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  17. I loved it.
  18. They were promoting that new shit movie, so he had to be likeable I think.
  19. My first thought was that Titus was going to turn heel and become Miz's partner (Yeah, thought they just got rid of Darren) so i watched the whole segment waiting for the heel turn
  20. Kelly Rippa *clap clap clapclapclap*
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