Straight edge

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Roi, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Just wanna know what you think about it .
    Note:There are a lot of users who are straight edge in this forum . Be careful with what u say
  2. It's fine as long as the person doesn't pontificate to others. Do what you want to do but don't make yourself out to be better than others. I find most non Hindu vegans are that way, can't stand it.
  3. I'm straight edge, but I never tried to make other more like me.
    Although my straightedgeness is mostly due to the fact that i can't stand cigarette smoke, and I don't like alcohol (except wine)
  4. Well , basically u can say I'm straight edge but I dont consider myself one . I don't drink alcohol ,smoke do drugs ,promiscuous sex etc.
    But it's something I chose myself not t be part of a group . I'm like anyone else but I don't like those things.I hang out with my frens they get drunk and I'm the one who helps them to go home .
    I consider myself"weird" but in a good way , I mean , I'm not better than anyone else , I'm just not mainstream LOL
  5. Sex isn't part of it, ask Punk.
  6. LOL , neither is cafein or soda drink but come on ... There are straight and hard straight guys
  7. "straight edge" is such a dumb term lol
    And the hardcore bro fags who act like thugs and beat the shit out of people who happen to smoke or drink are pieces of shit.

    That being said, I don't have a problem with people not wanting to get stoned, smoke or drink. That's their choice.
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  8. I'm all for people being able to say no to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. I myself used to say no to all three of those but I've been drinking for a few years now. Still refuse to smoke or do drugs tho. As long as they don't hold it over you in a "I am better than you" way I am okay with it. Free will and so forth.
  9. I think straight edge people are pussies/noobs and their holier than though shtick can die and go to hell
  10. I was actually straight edge for a relatively short period of my life, and I am considering going back to that path. I have no problem not drinking as I despise doing it anyway, but I must admit I do sometimes like the herb.
  11. Alcohol and drugs aren't my thing, but I won't place myself into that category of people for attention because I'm not a douche.
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  12. Well there's only a few straight edge people on the forum, and someone's opinion of it shouldn't offend them.

    I'm personally not, I drink. If someone is straight edge or not it makes no odds to me. If they were my friend or I knew them I'd still treath them the same. Like Plopspot said, as long as they're not like "I'm better than you because I'm straight edge (IRL Punk :lol1:) then that's fine. Also as long as they don't try to convert me. Like those damn christiain jehovah's witnesses who wake me up at 8am every fucking sunday morning to read me their book and convert me.
  13. Oh, I'm with you!! I couldn't explain it better...
  14. You are so straight edge.

    I think it's a catchy bullshit ripoff, like what happened to the tea party.
  15. Like the tea party movement? Straight Edge is an old subculture. Like 60's and 70's. The tea party movement appeared in 2007. Straight Edge ain't going away.
  16. I mean like how it started out and had a reason, then got taken over by pop culture and used like christianity, everyone has their own definition, and are allowed to do certain things that dont fit the original plan, etc.

    Im not judging people who are "straight edge" but i could give two fucks about others lifestyles if they drank, or smoked, or any of the other rules. I just think it's cool, and not that i think it's bad that telling kids to stay clean, only as a term, and people who adhere to it aren't even old enough to legally purchase alcohol. Randy.
  17. I'm not "straight edge," but I am alcohol-free, drug-free, etc. I have never done drugs or smoked, but I have drank alcohol before. Now I don't do that either though, and it's been a couple years or more since I drank anything containing alcohol.
  18. Straight edge is a subculture and subgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. It was a direct reaction to the sexual revolution, hedonism, and excess associated with punk rock. For some, this extends to not engaging in promiscuous sex, following a vegetarian or vegan diet, and not using caffeine or prescription drugs.[1] The term was adopted from the song "Straight Edge" by the 1980s hardcore punk band Minor Threat.

    That defines Straight Edge.
  19. +1

  20. Likewise. :true:
    I'm curious though, why? For me, I don't like the taste of any alcohol, or the feeling of being drunk.
    I hate being told to liven up and have fun by drinking alcohol, makes me want to rip heads off. Alcohol does not enhance fun.
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