Straight from the Mushroom Kingdom

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. I give You... Player Uno and Stupified. The Super Smash Brothers! ​


    Gonna join my brother in crime seabs in adding some to this section. Since he did the bucks I am doing their mortal enemies. The Super smash Brothers. One of the best if not the best team on the American indy scene right now. Great mix of power and acrobatics and they add to their matches with their video game inspired antics.

    Discuss Evil Uno and the man formerly known as Player Dos here.
  2. I love it when wrestling isn't so serious, I sense a F.I.S.T tribute thread coming soon...
  3. Saw them live at a few RoH shows, they were impressive. They start Super Mario Brothers theme chants too, which is fun.
  4. You'll be happy to learn that they are Canadian then if you didn't already know. From Quebec.
  5. I already knew that :adr:
  6. My #5 on the scrapbook of fav teams.

    Highly entertaining and charismatic duo, they kick ass in PWG. Player Uno is a beast, he worked 5 mins more after he separated his shoulder in last PWG match.
  7. Watched that during my hiatus. Their matches in DGUSA/Evolve are beast as well. Beating around some pro Japanese teams. Now the Bucks are there to be punched and punch back as well.
  8. Camera work is shit but still Briscoes and Super Smash Bros in one match has to be good

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