Straight Shootin' With Mystical George

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mystical George, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Go ahead and ask me questions. It's a shoot, brother!
  2. What do you think of Cray McMahon?
  3. Why do you love my mystical thing down there?
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  4. Do aliens exist?

    Favourite food?

  5. We both have a competitive attitude towards each other, I presume it's all in good fun and there's no personal beef, but I can only speak for myself. He can keep up with me and give me a run for my money in arguments when a lot of people I've met can't which I do enjoy. I don't think I've never had a conversation with him that wasn't a game of one-upmanship so I can't say that I like or dislike him. I'm indifferent on him. I can say that he seems like a good admin as he's built a nice community on here, props to him for that.

  6. Because you're a moron.
  7. Who's your favorite WWEF member?
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    I believe that there is aliens out there, but not little green men and who fly around in saucers. I'd guess that they most likely look similar to insects just mutated and scaled up. I don't think that they've infultrated us (if anything we'll be the first to come in contact with them) or that they communicate in any way even close to what we've seen before though I don't think their intelligence would even compare to ours. I know that sounds a lot like the prawns from District 9, but that's always how I've imagined aliens to be.

    My favourite food is a toss up between meat lover's pizza, barbeque chicken wings and baked potatoes (I am Irish afterall).

  9. (I'm discounting the MP originals in this one.)

    He'll give me shit for saying this, but Aids Johnson. The dude has been nothing, but friendly to me ever since we started talking (not necessarily a good thing now that I think about it). He gives some outlandish advice (and some good advice too), but nearly everything he says is with good intentions and is a very positive dude which is hard to find on a wrestling forum.
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  10. Agreed.

    Favorite wrestler of all time?
  11. As ur from MP u liking this site?
  12. Just marry him already queer
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  13. Ever since I was a kid I really liked Mick Foley (the first PPV I ever watched he won the WWF title as Mankind). I think he always symbolised hope for skinny little kids such as myself that wrestling isn't necessarily about a look or mould, it's what you want it to be. As I've gotten older I've backtracked on his career and realised how much I can relate to him as well as how much of a wrestling genius he was. So yeah, Mick Foley.
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  14. Yeah. I originally came onto this site to troll IWT with Jwab, but that idea kidna got turned on its head after some people took a liking to me and I realised that the site was worth taking seriously. I would say I've been on worse and I've been on better, but this site is swell.
  15. Foley was amazing his promos were next level.

  16. Since you're Dolph mark, shouldn't you at least introduce yourself before you try to insult me? It could go something like "Hi! I'm Dolph's Ziggler and I like to draw abs on my gut and dance around in a speedo so that I can steal the show in my grandma's basement."
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  17. True, but why did you say "wrestling isn't necessarily about a look or mould" related to you? I thought you were the man with the greatest skin in the world :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: (I think I've heard you say that before, lol.)

  18. Yeah, I only caught onto his ECW work when I started on forums 4 or 5 years ago. He's one of the few guys that transcends being just a character on screen to me (especially as Cactus Jack). He portrayed it so well being a mad man, but always left you seeing the world from his side and how what he was doing could make sense to a human being. Next level realism.
  19. His departure from ECW was so great. He had slated the fans, product etc in promos as a shoot for months yet when he wrestled his last match before the move the entire arena was chanting please don't go etc was unreal. Just worked a crowd so well. Its why I like Ambrose as he has the Foley thing about him in that he can work psychological promos. Saying that Wyatt is getting up there with that now they are cryptic thinking man promos not just standard I don't like u etc....

  20. Dude, I'm pale as fuck and pretty skinny. I kinda always thought as a child that even in a best case scenario where I would be working in the WWE that I'd never be The Rock or Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho or anyone like that. I could relate to Mick Foley because I always imagined that if I was a wrestler that I would be him. I know it sounds strange, but that's what I thought.

    I don't ever remember calling myself "the man with the greatest skin in the world", but there's a pimple on my forehead which disproves that statement. Also, I realise that I can go off saying egotistical shit like that at times, but you should take it with a grain of salt because I'm most likely taking the piss.
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